5 Ways To Cure Muscle Cramps

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Did you ever experience muscle cramp? The worst experience, when all of a sudden your muscle becomes firm, rigid and tender at the same time. If yes! Then you can surely have an idea how painful this may feel. Muscle cramps are the severe form of muscle spasms which may also cause difficulty in walking if it involves the muscle of your legs, thighs or feet

Here are the 5 ways to cure the muscle cramps with respect to their underlying causes.


Stretching is the most common and effective remedy for a muscle cramp. If cramp is on the lower side of your leg, simply straight your leg, stretch your feet and your toes towards your leg. It would surely help. And for preventing further muscle cramps, include stretching exercises in your daily routine before and after vigorous exercises. If you are an athlete then stretching exercises should be the part of your daily routine. You can get an assistant with the best orthopedic surgeon in case of emergency.


Massaging your cramped muscle will relieve your pain, and frequent massaging will eventually lead to easy movement of the cramped muscle by removing the cramp permanently. After a tiring day, you may take a shoulder or neck massage and start your next day energetically.


It has been seen that people with less intake of water are more prone to muscle cramps. So, if you are having muscle cramps at short intervals, then you must take care of your water intake and start rehydrating your body from right now.

Treatments below should be taken by the advice of your physician.

4.Supplements Of B-Vitamins And Calcium:

In some cases, deficiencies of certain B vitamins such as thiamine (B1), pantothenic acid (B5), and pyridoxine (B6) lead towards the muscle cramps, and in addition to this, the imbalance of electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the blood also affect the regular movement of muscles.

5.Muscle Relaxants

People who are prone to muscle cramps are often advised by their physician to take muscle relaxants after strenuous exercises or having a tiring day in severe weathers to relax the muscles. The most effective relaxants proved are Quinine, cyclobenzaprine, orphenadrine. But this must not be taken without a prescription.

Now you know how you can relieve yourself from this suffering. If you know someone having muscle cramps, help them out by letting them know these cures. Definitely, you don’t want anyone else to suffer anymore.

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