5 Ways To Get Rid Of Ugly Teeth Stains

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Have you ever imagined that how gross stained teeth actually look? Stains on teeth are normal these days. Food consumption and unhealthy habits are one of the many reasons. Keeping your hands down from everything is quite difficult but you can keep these stains away by using some home remedies and tips.

Sometimes we only pay attention to the outer look and ignore the inner health. Healthy teeth are the pathway for healthy life. Obviously, it is hard to eliminate all the junk immediately but you can give some break to all these. Here are the tips to prevent your teeth stains and yellowish.

Say no to tobacco:

Tobacco is a deadly enemy of dental health. Although it is not at all good option for a healthy life yet its first and foremost target is teeth. Tobacco not only stains but also decays teeth slowly. If you really want healthy teeth for a long time then you must think before you light up more cigarettes.

Visit the Dentist:

People actually ignore this fact but it is important to visit the dentist more often. You can even book an appointment online with the best dentist in Karachi or any other big city of Pakistan with just one click from marham.pk. A dentist can not only wash away the stain but also help in improving overall oral health.

Fewer Beverages:

Try to use less fizzy drinks. They can very harmful for teeth as well as the stomach. Also, use a straw to drink beverages instead of direct drinking. Direct drinking is also one of the cause for the stain on teeth. It directly attacks your teeth and there are more chances of decay as well.


Charcoal is a secret remedy for teeth whitening. These days you can even find processed charcoal products, especially for teeth. It can give immediate whitening with 2 or3 applications. In some cases, charcoal can create irritation but this is rare.


Use mouthwash regularly. Although it takes longer for getting the stain away still it is important to use it regularly for oral hygiene.

Healthy teeth represent a cool personality. These minor yet important things cast a lasting impression.

Few Most Popular Dentists:

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