5 Ways To Lose Weight in Ramadan 2019

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In Ramazan, it is customary to have pakoras, samosas, dahi bhallay, and kachoris, which contain an uncountable amount of oil and fat in it. An entire month of consuming oily food and fizzy drinks can be very dangerous, it can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, heart problems and other biological mishaps. The steps dictated in this article are simple and effective.

Below, we have discussed some easy ways to lose weight in Ramazan, In case of a medical condition, use Marham to book an online appointment with a nutritionist;

1. By Taking Fiber and Protein

There is no doubt about the level of hunger a person feels after more than 16 hours of fasting. It gets hard for a person to control his/her urge to eat unhealthy food. Try switching the food choice from oily snacks to protein and fiber rich food. Protein is very helpful in increasing the metabolism and strengthening the muscle.

On the other hand, fiber moves slowly through the stomach, which gives a sensation of a full stomach. Fiber is also good for health, it helps in preventing inflammation and reduce blood pressure. The combination of these two food groups will help a person to eat healthily and stay slim.

2. By Staying Hydrated

In Ramazan, thirst effects a person more than hunger, but still, the water intake of a person does not match the amount that is required for the body. It is very important to fulfill the body’s requirement of water between iftar and sehar. It is better to take around 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day.

Water intake in Ramazan;

  • In iftar, 2 glasses of water.
  • Between iftar and sehar 4 glasses of water.
  • In sehar, 2 glasses of water.

3. By Noting Down The Calories

Every food a person eats contains a certain amount of calories. If the number of calorie intake increases than the required amount of calories the body requires, then the body starts storing these calories into fats. It is important to be aware of the calories per meal a person is taking. After knowing the amount, a person should gradually start decreasing calories per day. Maintaining calories will help a person to lose weight and stay in shape in Ramazan.

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4. Saying No To Fizzy Drinks

People use fizzy drinks as a substitute for water, which can be very harmful to them. Fizzy drinks are harmful to the human body because it contains sugar in excess, which leads to obesity and other health problems. The disadvantages of fizzy drinks include lack of calcium, increased sugar intake, dehydration, and obesity.

5. By working out

Working out is very important because it keeps a person in shape. An individual should pick a suitable time for working out in Ramazan. It is better to workout after 2 hours of food consumption, at that time the person has the strength to exercise. A person should choose certain exercises which can be done easily. The main aim of working out is to keep the body in motion.

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