5 Ways To Prevent From Hepatitis by choosing a healthy lifestyle

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Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. It mostly occurs because of Viruses. Hepatitis is itself a name of virus that causes it to happen. Some of the known types of it include Hepatitis A, B or C. All of them require a treatment and if it goes undiagnosed it can lead to some serious health conditions.

Healthy liver is a blessing as it is second largest organ in our body and plays vital role in the digestion of food. When liver is unhealthy it weakens our immune system which badly affects our overall health and well-being.

Hepatitis is indeed a chronic disease but with healthy lifestyle and intake of healthy food, its affect on body can be greatly reduced. So don’t worry! We are here to help.

In this article we will mention some health tips regarding healthy food for hepatitis patients:

1). Whole food

Patient can have adequate amount of food from all the food groups but should emphasize on whole grains, lean meat, organic fruits, vegetables, healthy fat and low fat dairy. Whole food is more nutritious hence it fulfills our requirement of food intake without harming our body.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

2). Fiber it up

Eating food rich in fiber makes digestion easy for the patient and helps in the elimination of toxins from their bodies. Instead of fruit juice take raw fruits as they are packed with fibers. Other food that is rich in fiber includes lentils, vegetables, whole grains and beans.


3). Proteins

Proteins are very essential as they provide health to a person. Lean proteins are best and can be found in poultry, fish and best ones are plant based proteins.

4). Small frequent meals

Taking smaller meals are best for hepatitis patients because then liver has to work less to breakdown high fats and large meals. Frequent eating doesn’t make their tummy to bloat and it will also stabilize blood sugar level.

5). Fluids

Intake of fluid in any form is very essential. The more you increase your fluid intake the more your body will get rid of toxins. Water is best, drink it as much as you can but make sure it is filtered.

Take Healthy Fluids To Being Healthy

  • General Advice

If you are a hepatitis patient we recommend you to do as follow:

  • Keep check on your calorie intake
  • Make whole grains your friends (Enjoy Oats, Brown rice, Rye, Whole wheat, Whole grain corn)
  • Go for fresh fruits and Vegetables
  • Avoid fatty, sugary and salty stuff
  • Keep check on your weight
  • Don’t starve; eat regularly

It’s always better to consult a doctor who is an expert dealing with liver patients. In addition to it, we recommend you to visit best nutritionist in your hometown and get a healthy diet plan that you can follow if you have hepatitis. Marham is a solution for you to get into contact with one of the best nutritionists.

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