5 Ways To Protect Your Skin In Rainy Season.

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“Lots of oil with acne and tan” O Yes! Welcome to Monsoon season. Although raining always comes with a good gesture but over raining is always comes with “eww” factor too. Not all rains are a blessing. Monsoon is all about unstoppable shower from heaven. It looks like God actually wants to clean the whole earth and refresh it from pollution.
But Monsoon always comes up with few difficulties as well. Hair fall and skin issues are one of them. During this rainy season, we mostly experience oily skin, sebum, and greasy texture on the skin. Luckily we can get rid of these troubles while sitting at home and enjoying the rain.

Wear your sunscreen.

Go find a good dermatologist and do not forget to wear your sunscreen. Make sure that you are using appropriate sunscreen that matches your skin type. Sunscreen will protect you from sun tan and pigmentation. It not only necessary for monsoon but for all seasons.


In the monsoon, one can easily get caught with germs and bacteria. These germs can create various issues on skin that includes blemish, partial dryness, and partial oily. To eliminate this trouble you must use some really good scrub and toner. Scrub can remove germs from the skin and keep it in a good state.

Zero Makeup

Ok! This is something difficult. Quitting makeup is a bit impossible for college going girls and working girls. But to avoid skin damage you have to do this. You can use sunscreen to look fresh and a light lip gloss is also a good option. Don’t overdo the makeup. Keep your skin breath in this season full of humidity.

Dry Skin Type

In this season you can either experience either lots of dryness or lots of oiliness on your skin. For dry skin drink as much water as you can. Glycerin and rose water combination are best to moisturize the skin. Try not to use chemical, and alcoholic Toners, and beauty products.

Oily skin

Although it is important to wash skin for every skin type twice a day. But for Oily skin, it is recommended that wash your face 3 or 4 times a day. This is how you can basically wash out all the oil. Further, you can use Turmeric and wheat flour pack to eliminate oil. Using aloe vera is the best option for oily skin.
Lastly, keep our body hydrated. With lots of humidity, your body can lose all its moisture. This can not only effects your skin but the overall immune system as well.

Few Most Popular Dermatologist:

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