5 Ways to Recognize If You Need to Consult a Speech Therapist

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In our society people suffer from problems without knowing that there is help out there. To eliminate many stigmas the only key is awareness. This is what we at Marham believe in. Today we are discussing the role of speech therapists and who needs to see them. There is very little awareness among the masses about this very specialty. In fact, they play a very helpful role in the rehabilitation and treatment of many speech problems, hearing disorders, and many other diseases.

Who is a Speech Therapist?

A speech therapist also called speech pathologist, language therapist or speech teacher is a professional who deals with people suffering from speech and hearing issues. They are highly trained to diagnose, evaluate and treat these problems. They help an individual in three ways that include:

  • Articulation ie how to pronounce a sound.
  • Phonology ie use of certain speech patterns.
  • Fluency in a certain language.

role of speech therapist

  • Receptive language.
  • Expressive language.
  • and social communication that is pragmatics.

Looking at this anyone can collect how vital the role of a speech pathologist can be for a person struggling with speech or hearing disorder.

How to Know Your Child Needs to Consult a Speech Therapist?

If your child shows any deviations or delays from normal speech development patterns then you should see a speech therapist. Also if he has pronunciation troubles and hearing concerns as well you should be booking an appointment with the best speech therapist in your location.

Here are some evident signs that necessitate consultancy of a speech therapist.

  • If you notice your child speaking mostly with vowels.
  • If your child is using only one or two specific sounds to refer to magnitude of different objects.
  • Using language but not using new words just repeating the ones he immediately listens for example if you ask “do you want to go out?” and the answer is just “out”.
  • Has no control over his voice intensity.
  • Limited attention span and holds eye contact for small intervals only.

If you find any of these symptoms in your kid you should see a speech therapist. Log on to marham.pk to find and consult some of the best speech therapists in all main cities of Pakistan.

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