5 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winters

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The cool winds of the winter are here. Each blow of the cool wind can be dangerous for yours and your family health. But the good precautions and preparations can help you enjoy the season and save you from any bad happening of the season. Take a serious look at these points and adapt to stay safe in cold.

Get Ready your House:

People first preference during winter is to stay at home. So, take a look around your home and prepare it well for winter.

  • If possible install weather insulation, and storm windows.
  • Properly clean out gutters and pipelines.
  • If needed repair roof leaks.
  • Check your heating systems.
  • Have a safe alternate heating source and alternate fuels available.
  • Check fireplaces and chimneys and clean them properly.
  • Install a smoke detector.
  • Make necessary preparations to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) emergencies.

Prepare your Car:

You think it is not needed but it is. Look following points.

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  • Service the car completely.
  • Keep gas tank full to avoid icing in the tank and tubes.
  • Keep a winter emergency kit to keep in your car it will help you in the case you become stalked anywhere.

Travel Planning:

When planning travel during the cold season keep these points as guidelines.

  • Be aware of weather conditions.
  • Avoid traveling when the weather is not clear.
  • If travel is must then surely tell some family member about your traveling route.
  • Take the emergency kit with proper clothing and blanket. It will help you if you stalked.

Outdoors Precautions:

You cannot avoid going outdoors. Take these precautions when you are out of the home.

  • Wear appropriate warm clothes.
  • Wear a mask to protect from infections.
  • Take emergency kit with you.
  • Sprinkle cat litter or sand on icy patches.

Health Concerns:

The most important thing is your health. Take following cares to maintain your health in cold.

  • Use better quality food.
  • Consume plenty of water even if you do not feel thirsty.
  • Wear medical masks to save you from respiratory infections. If you have any respiratory problems find and consult the best pulmonologist in Islamabad.
  • Regularly gargle with hot saline water.
  • Avoid eating ice creams and cold drinks.

Winters are around for a short time. Stay healthy and enjoy these fully.

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Tayyaba Waris
She is a student of Ph.D. molecular biology at Comsats University, Islamabad. She is working on the causes and treatment of male infertility. She has also worked on liver disease and its herbal treatments and has recently got her paper published in the National journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals. At Marham, she writes about hot medical issues and general health problems.