6 Ailments Having Roots in Your Shoes

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It’s hard to even imagine that there was once a time when humans simply walked around barefoot. Nowadays shoes are not only worn but a fashion symbol and wrong or mismatched pair can smash your image. But do you know that poorly designed footwear that doesn’t fit properly, can lead to a number of health problems that affect various parts of your body? Read out more here.


Corns are bumps of hard, dead skin cells that occur over a bony prominence, like a joint.


They are often caused by prolonged pressure to the area and usually are a result of poorly fitted or too loose footwear.

Nail Problems:

Wearing too tight shoes places pressure to the sides of the toes and pushes the skin into the nail plate. In result, your toe is at risk of an ingrown nail. This situation sometimes becomes too dangerous and only solved by surgical excision. To find the best female surgeon in LahoreLahore and other main cities of Pakistan log on to Marham.pk.

nail issues

Athlete’s Foot:

Tight shoes which bring the toes in close proximity to each other provides the wet sweaty place to fungus to grow. This leads to intense itching, inflammation and flanking of the skin. On Marham.pk you can find the best general physician in Karachi and Lahore to fight everyday ailments and stay healthy.

Collapsed Arches:

Collapsed arches is a medical term used to describe the instance when somebody’s feet have low or no arches, and as a consequence press flat against the ground. It happens when you wear flat shoes for a long duration of time.

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Back Pain:

Are you a great admirer of high heel footwear and they are your first priority?

back ache

They directly target your spine and over a prolonged period of time back pain will be your companion. To fight back pain Marham.pk can help you find and consult the best orthopedic physician in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other main cities of Pakistan.

Joint Pain:

Prolonged over as a result of shoes that don’t provide sufficient support can ultimately cause all sorts of joint problems. Such as arthritis especially in the case of wearing high heels or totally flat shoes for a long time period.

Style at the cost of health is totally a bad trade. Choose a comfortable shoe for lifelong health benefits.

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