6 Basic Tips to Make Cooking in Non-Stick Pans Safe

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Human beings have traveled from cave to the civilized world and science helped them at every step to achieve each goal of developed living. They evolved from eating raw food to developing impressive cooking skills. One-step in this regard is the introduction of nonstick cookware that makes it possible to cook without sticking to the base of the utensils. These specially manufactured utensils offered the fast and quick cooking with the guarantee of best taste. But what about the safety of these cook wear? Have you ever thought that these utensils which you are using for your ease in the kitchen are safe for your family health or not? Let’s have a look at this parameter of nonstick cook wears.

Safety Issues in Non-Stick Cook Wears

Researchers believed that the nonstick utensils for cooking are quite safe until they do not get overheated. This non-stick cookware has a protective coating on them which is composed of fluoropolymers and Teflon. These compounds are notorious for their health-damaging effects like skin irritation, kidney, and neurological problems. When the pans with non-stick coating get overheated (at temperature of 500F) the coating starts to break down and fluoropolymers evaporate in form of fumes or release carcinogenic material which combines with food material. The evaporating fumes may cause respiratory problems with flu-like symptoms and carcinogenic material’s intake directly increases the risk of onset of cancers. If you are battling with any type of cancer seek help from the best oncologist in Islamabad via Marham.

How to Avoid Damaging Effects of Non-Stick Cook Ware?

As non-stick cookware is safe as long as not overheated. So to enjoy the cooking in these utensils by making it safe is really needed. Here are some tips listed which can help you to make the cooking safe for nonstick cookware.

Avoid Preheating of the Empty Pan:

It is recommended to avoid preheating as it increases the time of fire exposure which can increase the breakdown of hazardous coating material of non stick utensils.

Avoid Cooking on High Heat:

As high heat causes the eruption of coating material so it is advised to avoid high heat cooking in non-stick cook wears. Besides, there is safe heating range mentioned in the manual for every pan, so for staying safe avoid overheating these pans.

Proper Ventilation of the Kitchen:

Proper ventilation of the kitchen is required as it is helpful in reducing the risk associated with the use of non-stick pans. As proper ventilation will make it sure that hazardous fumes will go outside instead of being inhaled into family’s lungs.

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Avoid Broiling or Searing meats:

These cooking techniques required high temperature and heat which cause coating material breakdown and make non-stick utensils hazardous.

Avoid Using Light Weight nonstick pan:

Heavier nonstick pans are better in bearing heat and have fewer chances to erode their coating material as compared to light ones. So if you want to enjoy cooking in these pans spend a handsome amount of money for the safety your family’s health.

Avoid Chipping or Damaging of the Pan:

One damage spot of the coating will increase the breakdown of resting coating material. So keep the coating safe from any damage or chipping to minimize the hazardous effects of it. Use wooden spoons and avoid scraping and scratching with sharp objects.

The food you cook is of prime importance in maintaining your family’s health. So be sure you cook healthy and all the utensils and ingredients involved are of high quality.

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