6 Basics of Baby Proofing your House

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Heard words like waterproof or bulletproof? If you have a baby, its time you learn about baby proofing techniques as well. Who doesn’t love a cheerful smile of a baby but once they start growing up that cheerful smile gets changed into mischievous one and they will become all curious to explore every single corner of the house. I REPEAT! “Every single corner”. So before your baby starts to crawl, you better start wrapping your stuff from the dressing table, pick up expensive decoration pieces from your side table, put locks on the drawers and what not!

Baby proofing is a concept that encourages parents to make their house “baby-friendly” to save them from any mishap. Making your house a safe place especially for your crawling baby or even a toddler is very important and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. There are some basic babies proofing hacks that parents need to incorporate into their houses before their kid starts to crawl.
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Never Leave your Child Unattended:

Make it a rule of thumb, especially in the bathroom; don’t ever leave your toddler alone there. They can slip, open cupboards, get into a bathtub of hot water or in extreme cases they can also drown.

Cabinets and Drawers:

Toddlers are curious creatures, so better stay safe than sorry. Keep all the chemical, poisonous products away. Avoid keeping sharp objects in the drawers. In addition to it, keep hazardous products in a locked cabinet. In case of any mishap do not waste time and head to a hospital with best pediatric emergency care. You can look out for best hospitals in Lahore on Marham.pk.

Electrical Cords and Switchboards:

They are very dangerous for babies as they can give an electric shock. Babies can chew the cords or pull them, so it’s better to keep them away, out of their sight. Moreover, babies love to poke into switchboards which is shockingly dangerous, so you better keep a heavy furniture in front of a switchboard to hinder their access to it or cover them with insulation tape.

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Garbage Cans:

Trash bins should be kept away from their sight. They can have broken glass, cans or shopping bags in them that can harm babies. In case of any injury or ailment find and consult with the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.


Not all plants are poison free and a baby can eat mud too, so keep them up on the high shelf instead of on the floor.
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While buying a furniture make sure that crib of the baby has high walls with cushion around them. In addition to it avoid buying tables that have sharp edges.

The list of baby proofing your house can go on and on. It’s a crucial step that every parent needs to take in order to protect a baby from any mishap and to ensure the safety of a baby. Have a happy baby proofing your house!

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