6 Benefits of Egg That You Need To Know

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Some of us love eating Egg. But many hate it too. From desserts to different dishes eggs are used in almost everything. When it is harmful to different skin type and diseases. Its benefits are also endless. Eggs are loaded with nutrition.
For diet conscious people to aged one, these are helpful for almost every age group. People who are doing heavy work out and dieting have to use more protein. An Egg is a very good source of protein but here are some other benefits of eggs too.

High cholesterol.

Good cholesterol is also an important factor in our body. One egg contains 212 mg and our body needs 300 mg cholesterol. The Egg is a very good source of good cholesterol in our body. It is not necessary that egg will raise cholesterol but sometimes it does happen.

Reduce Risk of Heart diseases.

Eggs help in converting LDL particles from small one to large one. This subdivision reduces the risk of heart diseases. But if someone is already a patient of heart diseases he/she must consult with a doctor before using eggs. Heart patients can consult with the best Cardiologist to avoid issues related to it.

Protein and Amino acids.

Eggs contain good animal protein and amino acids that are really good for the human body. Our body needs protein for muscles, hair, teeth, and bones too. So good amount of protein can help us in coping up all the deficiencies in the body.

Weight loss.

When you are doing weight loss than it is important that you can lose protein frequently. So we need to consume more protein in return. Chicken and eggs are the main sources of protein. For healthy weight loss, you can consult with the best nutritionist

Eyesight improvement.

Eggs have such vitamins that are good for eyesight. For those who have, diabetes must use eggs because they have more chances of blurry vision.

Immune system.

Fast and good immune system is also a good source for good immune system. When someone has a good immune system they will also get rid of many diseases too. You can also consult with the best Gastroenterologist

Eating good food is not just an option, it a lifestyle everyone must own. 

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