Quick Read: 6 Best Ways To Say Goodbye To Dandruff This Winter

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Dandruff undoubtedly is the most annoying and embarrassing part of winters. The white flakey dandruff can really bring you down.

Here are the easiest tips for you to get rid of irritating dandruff this winters:

1. Apply Honey And Lemon
2. Use Coconut Oil And Neem
3. Massage Yogurt To Your Scalp
4. Use An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
5. Keep Your Scalp Moisturized
6. While You’re Waiting For These Remedies to Work, Hide the Evidence By Tying Up Your Hair In A Ponytail.

Even if these remedies don’t work for you, no need to worry as we have the best dermatologists to help you treat this issue. Want to know what people have to say about them?

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