6 Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain

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As we walk over uneven ground, feet & ankles allow us to adapt the undulation and sways, further it adds stress to various joints in the foot.

Just as the spine can be considered the groundwork of the body, your feet and ankles act as its foundation and support. More than fifty bones and joints combine to balance your body when you are in motion or at rest. Any disease or injury to a foot, ankle, or toe can addle life off balance. Fashionable footwear has added many feet and ankle issues, with women clutching their feet into shoes of all sizes and shapes. Sporting injuries and fractures have also become very common issue nowadays. The first step toward maximum mobility is to consult an orthopedic specialist. Call at Marham or book your appointment online with the Best Orthopedic physician In Islamabad, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan to rid yourself of foot and ankle pain as soon as possible.

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The perilous thing about the foot is that an injury or abnormality in one joint can rapidly cause injuries to other neighboring joints due to the closeness and relationship between the joints. Hence, expeditious diagnosis and appropriate management are important.

Causes of Foot Pain:

The main elements of severe foot pain are either deterioration or arising from a previous injury. Painful degenerative problems can alter the joints of the foot, or the tendons or fascia (soft tissue), that may cause many foot illnesses including bunion, neuroma, hammer toes, flat feet etc. Some other feet and ankle ailments include:

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* Plantar fasciitis
* Collapsed arches in adults
* Osteoarthritis of the small joints or the ankle
* Hallux valgus
* Achilles tendinitis and tendinitis
* Metatarsalgia foot pain

Injuries to the foot and ankle can arise from sports or normal daily exercises. Occult or mysterious fractures can crop up or the fascia can be damaged. Soft tissue refers to the ligaments and the fascia which hold the bones together, or the tendons which move the bones. They can be torn dislocated or stretched.

causes of foot pain

Treat Your Foot Conditions with Care:

Just a “plain” fracture may not be so simple with so many eloquent parts working together in the feet, ankles, and toes. A broken bone could appear anywhere in the heel, the ankle joint, foot bone or toes. Fixing the one broken bone could be affected by other problems in nearby ligaments and tendons. Some traumatic & alarming injuries may divert blood flow to the injured bone, making the area slower to heal.

Procedures to Treat Foot & Ankle Conditions Include

* Ankle joint replacement
* Arthroscopic (minimally invasive) ankle surgery
* Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction
* Ankle fixation
* Tightrope fixation
* Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)
* Planter fascia release

Many other treatment options exist, hinging on your individual foot or ankle condition. Navigate through these and select one best suited for you with the help of your healthcare provider.

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