6 Causes Of Premature Birth Every Mother Should Know

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Preterm birth is often caused by dangerous conditions like pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Early uterine contractions, genital infections, or having twins or more, can also induce early delivery. If you have a family history of preemies or have had one before, your risk will increase. It’s also more likely if you’re a teenager or over 40s, have chronic stress or do smoking. ‘Pregnancy’ is a tremendous experience. When your baby’s physical & mental health is your colossal concern, it’s crucial & very important to learn about preterm births, because it’s responsible for 60% of deaths and complications. Fortunately, most “preemies neonate” grow up to be absolutely healthy and fine.

cause of Premature Birth

What Is Pre-Term Labor

Premature birth, also referred to as pre-term labor, occurs when the body starts getting ready for birth too ahead of time during pregnancy. As a typical gestation lasts for ‘40’ weeks, Uterine contractions that occur before the ‘37th’ week are considered premature. The more premature a baby is, the lesser its possibilities of survival and therefore the larger the possibilities of the child experiencing issues after birth.

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According to a Gynecologist at MARHAM, “babies born before ‘25’ weeks have a very high risk of long term issues together with neurological issues and learning disabilities”. Although, medical treatments exist that enable pregnancy to be prolonged, even if the lady has experienced premature contractions.

A pregnant woman with any of the subsequent conditions is more likely to possess a premature birth.

    • Diabetes
    • Heart sickness
    • Kidney disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Pregnancy-related factors related to premature birth include:
    • Poor nutrition before and through pregnancy
    • Smoking During Pregnancy
    • Urinary tract and amniotic membrane infections
    • Premature birth during a previous pregnancy
    • An abnormal womb
    • A weakened cervix opening early

Pregnant women also have an enhanced chance of delivering early, if they’re younger than ‘17’ or older than ‘35’.

Possible Health Issues In ‘Preemies’

A pre-term baby may show these signs shortly after birth.

    • Trouble breathing
    • Low weight
    • Low body fat
    • Inability to keep up a constant temperature
    • Less activity than normal
    • Movement and coordination issues
    • Difficulty in feeding
    • Abnormally pale or yellow skin

Pre-mature Infants Might Also Be Born With Grievous Conditions Like.

    • Brain hemorrhage: Bleeding within the brain
    • Pulmonary hemorrhage: trauma in the lungs
    • Hypoglycemia: low blood sugar
    • Neonatal sepsis: a microorganism blood infection
    • Pneumonia: infection and inflammation of the lungs
    • Patent Ductus Arteriosus: an unclosed hole in the main blood vessel of the heart
    • Anemia: a scarcity of red blood cells for transporting oxygen throughout the body
    • Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome: a respiratory disorder caused by underdeveloped lungs

Some of these issues can be resolved through correct critical care for the newborn. Others may end up in long-term disability or health problem.

Causes Of Premature Birth

To avoid putting themselves or their child in danger, all women ought to remember these common & usually avoidable causes of ‘premature birth’.

Physical Or Mental Pressure

A study has shown, that severe emotional or physical stress can result in the release of hormones that may cause early labor contractions. It also will increase the danger of low-weight birth. Those who stand for long periods or have their jobs that are physically and emotionally demanding are a lot likely to deliver early. Pregnant women should, therefore, try to eliminate external sources of stress from their lives and scale back the consequences of stress with mild exercise and adequate sleep.

History Of Pre-term Birth Or Abortions

The chance of a woman delivering a preemie is directly associated with the number of previous premature births she has had and the way early they occurred. The more babies a woman has delivered at full term, the less likely it’s that her future delivery is going to be premature. Women who have had abortions in the past also show a higher tendency for premature births. It’s believed that abortions might result in cervical injury that makes it more likely that the cervix can abnormally open early during subsequent pregnancies.

Multiple Pregnancies

Multiples cause the womb to stretch more, that will increase the danger of early contraction and so pre-mature birth. The uterus is also stretched to some extent that it begins to contract before the baby has absolutely developed.

Infections Can Be The Cause

The presence of a microorganism or infection anywhere on a woman’s urinary or reproductive tract or STDs can increase the danger of early labor and delivery. Preterm birth may also be associated with viral infections that may occur in the bloodstreams. Common examples of such infections include Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia & Bacterial Vaginosis.

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Short Interval between Pregnancies

Waiting less than a year between consecutive pregnancies virtually doubles the probabilities of premature delivery. Girls should wait for a minimum of 18 months after birthing before conceiving again.

Gum Infections

Pregnancy hormones make expecting mothers more vulnerable to periodontal diseases. This could be a destructive inflammatory disease of the gums and caused by specific microorganisms. The bacterium that effect the gums travel throughout the body and reach the fetus, via the mother’s bloodstream. This can cause for some of the inflammatory cases related to premature birth and low birth weight.. Pregnant women should expand preventative measures and improve their oral hygiene practices.

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