6 Child Safety Principles Every Parent Needs to Know

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Every parent desires to be able to bring their kid safety, even from the tiniest hints of pain. The fact is you won’t perpetually be there to shield them from the hazards of this world. Many of your children could already have fully grown up and now your children are having kids. You know better than anyone that kids will get scraped, bumped up, and bruised, that’s an inevitable reality for each kid even when there are adults are around. Accidents happen all the time but, thankfully, we can take steps as parents, that facilitate youngsters avoid serious injuries. We hope that you use these child safety tips to keep your very little ones around you as safe as potential.

Sleep Safety

    • A baby should sleep on their back. A doctor at MARHAM recommendation has been changed from “sleep on the stomach” to “sleep on the back,” as he states it can bring 3 times minimize death rate in infants via sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
    • Quilted blankets with lace will block the baby’s respiratory tract during sleep. A tough mattress and taut elastic fitted sheets are all you should use.
    • A sleeping baby should be free from scarves, clothes, bibs, pacifiers, or toys with strings.

Fall and injury prevention

    • Install in your house with safety gates. Once it comes to staircases, they must be placed both at the top and bottom.
    • Always buckle children when using high chairs or carriers. When putting your kid into the carrier, set it on the ground, not on a chair, table etc.
    • If your kid moves around the house in a baby walker, watch that they stand back from stairs, heating appliances, and hanging wires.

Asphyxiation prevention

    • Make sure their toys don’t contain tiny components, your child can tear away and try to swallow.
    • The diet of kids below the age of ‘five’ shouldn’t contain round-shaped solid foods, like sliced sausage, nut kernels, hard candies, grapes, and maize.
    • Keep wires and cords out of your child’s reach. Move cribs, playpens, toys aloof from these objects.

Fire safety

    • Hide matches and lighters from your youngsters. Don’t keep lighters and alternative health sources that appear as if toys in the house.
    • Don’t hold a baby while cooking. Watch irons and hair dryers, disconnect them after use, and place them in a very safe place.
    • Reduce the time your kid spends next to a hot stove, and install a protecting barrier around the stove if doable.

Poison prevention

    • If you think that your child has swallowed any dangerous substance, don’t try to induce vomiting or make the child wash down what they swallowed without consulting a doctor.
    • Install special locks on the cupboard doors where you keep household detergents and medicines.
    • Keep tiny electronics and gadgets that contain lithium batteries aloof from children. These embrace car alarms, clocks, remote controls, flameless candles, optical device pointers, flashlights, etc.

“W” sitting position

    • “W-sitting” is one among the foremost common and cozy sitting positions for several youngsters. However, this position might increase the chance of many health problems. It will cause serious orthopedic issues, delays in the development of postural control and stability, and motor skills.
    • The best and therefore the handiest way to prevent your children from W-sitting is to prevent it from becoming a habit. So, anticipate it and catch it before your kid starts sitting in this position.
    • If you do see your very little ones in “W” position, consistently encourage them to adjust to a distinct position, like they’ll either sit with their legs straight out or each knee bent to one side. This can have a positive effect on your kids’ growth and development!

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