6 Common Myths about Fruits

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Fruits not only taste good but are packed with nutrition and health. Benefits of Fruits are widely discussed and are considered full of vitamins and nutrients. Fruits if taken in moderation do no harm to you.

However there are a lot of Myths About Fruits that sometimes make fruits disreputable, so in this article we will try to bust few fallacies about fruits.

Frozen Fruits vs Fresh Fruits

It is often believed that frozen fruits lack nutritional value as compared to the fresh ones. However it is not true. Most of the time to keep the taste and nutrition preserved fruits are flash-frozen within few hours of being picked, so don’t worry and eat healthy.

Eat fruit on Empty stomach

It is often believed that if fruit is eaten along with meals it can cause indigestion and body won’t absorb full nutrients from it. It is not true, whether fruit is taken with our without any meal our stomach is designed to absorb nutrients from it. So, eat whenever you want to.

Drinking fruit juice is healthy

It is a myth. Eating raw fruits are way healthier option than crushing a fruit to make a juice. Fruit juice has low nutritional value. When fruit is crushed it releases previously-contained sugar that can cause poor oral health. In addition to it, juice of fruits lacks the element of fiber. Hence it’s better to take raw fruits and consume it whole.

Diabetics can’t enjoy fruit

More than fruits carbohydrates often increase the sugar level in diabetic patients. However fruit if eaten in moderation is good as it is packed with anti-oxidants. In addition to it, fiber in fruit helps the patient feel fuller for long period of time and it adds taste to their meals.

Take as many as you like

It is not true. Fruits do contain simple sugar but some fruits are packed with high calories and might lead to weight gain. So excess of everything is bad and moderation is the key.

Eating fruit at bed time is not healthy

Fruits can be consumed as a healthy snack at night if taken in moderation. It is definitely better than a consumption of junk food at night.

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