6 Cooking Strategies which are Poisonous

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Cooking your food on your own is the guaranteed way of safe and healthy eating. But sometimes you spoil your own food unconsciously. Some cooking strategies are gravely hazardous. Have a look on these and try to avoid them.


Simmering is the best cooking technique to prevent fats oxidation, but it fully denatures the protein content of the food. So avoid high protein foods to simmer or do this practice for a short duration of time.

Sous vide:

This special method of cooking food in a water bath can make meat literally melt in your mouth and mostly used in restaurants. Plastic bags are used in this method and chemicals of these bags can contaminate your food and may cause serious gastric and skin problems. If you come across such situation and in search of some good dermatologist then Marham can help you to find the best dermatologist in Karachi or Lahore. The best way to avoid health hazards of this cooking method is to use a glass jar instead of plastic bags.
unhealthy cooking

Slow cooking:

Slow cooking mostly considers a safe way of cooking but it is really not. Long hours of slow cooking breaks down collagen fibers of the food and in case of meat, it can also produce glutamate which can cause burning sensation, nausea and vomiting. To avoid its harm affects keep the food covered and add turmeric.


Broiling uses high heat which denatures the proteins and almost all nutrients of the food oxidize fats and causes glutamate formation. Its okay to make a broiled dish every now and then, but it avoids making it your default cooking method.
unhealthy cooking


To cook the meat in open flame or grill makes it extra toothsome but it also causes a few serious problems. This method has a tendency to convert sugar and fats and sugars of the foods to toxins and carcinogens. To avoid these health hazards do barbecue at low temperature and prepare your own bulletproof barbecue sauce.


Deep-frying is one of the worst ways to cook your food, as it can oxidize fats, denatured proteins, and glycated sugars. The high temperature of deep-frying can produce a number of carcinogenic compounds so it is better to avoid this method.

  • For saving your health it is better to compromise your taste desire, believe us it is a worth doing.

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