6 Easy Steps To Disinfect Groceries During COVID19

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COVID19 has many people staying at home except for some essential activities like shopping for groceries and seeking medical attention (now also possible through marham.pk). Even in these situations, you can reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19 whenever you leave your house by taking precautions such as practising social distancing and wearing a mask.

Going For Groceries Carries Extra Risk

Going out for groceries not only makes you encounter people but also, many of the products you’re buying have probably been already touched by others. In addition, it is also a possibility that people might’ve sneezed or coughed on them, yep that’s gross I know!

Try using alternative options like online shopping but that’s not really a viable option for most of us. If you’re still required to go out, take a little extra care when handling your groceries to avoid spreading the virus to other people.

1. Try To Wipe Food Packages

COVID-19 particles are said to live on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours. But, there’s still no evidence if it stays on food packages or not. It is better to stay safe than catching the virus. If it does make you feel safer, feel free to disinfect groceries with disinfectant wipes or sprays, making it clear, we’re talking about the outer packing, not the food itself.

2. Do Not Put Away Your Groceries

Try to bring your groceries inside as soon as you can because leaving them in the car for hours can lead to foodborne illnesses. Foods like dairy, raw meats and poultry, and others that need to be refrigerated or frozen. Those should be put away immediately. Bring them in and spray it with your disinfectant and wait for a while before you start putting them into the refrigerator.

3. Prepare Your Disinfectant Spray At Home

If you are unable to find a disinfectant spray, prepare it at home with these simple ingredients.

  • Detol 1 part
  • Vinegar 1 part
  • Water 3 parts

Mix all the ingredients in the bottle and spray it to disinfect the items.

4. Clean And Disinfect Your Kitchen Frequently

Regularly clean and disinfect groceries, countertops and surfaces in your kitchen and dining area.

5. Ask The Courier To Drop The Groceries And Leave

Make sure you’re not coming in contact with the courier as he must’ve visited other houses too. Pay online for your groceries and ask the courier to drop them on your doorstep and leave before you pick them.

6. Most Importantly, Online Payments

While online shopping, it is very important that you make online payments as even if the grocery bags are clean, currency notes can transmit virus germs.

Always Follow the 4 Key Steps to Food Safety

These safety tips should always be followed whether it is COVID-19 or not or regular times, to protect against foodborne illness.

  1. Clean surfaces and your hands before and after handling food.
  2. Separate raw and ready-to-eat foods.
  3. Cook foods to proper minimum internal temperatures.
  4. Chill foods in the refrigerator or freezer.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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