6 First Aid Tips To Treat Cuts, Bruises, And Wounds

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Learning First Aid Can Help You A Lot In Emergencies.

You are often faced with situations where you or someone else gets injured in some way. And most of the time, medical help can not be reached immediately. Well let us be honest, who likes to go to a doctor? Especially if it’s a small cut or wound. But that small injury can become a painful nuisance if it gets infected. So it’s a great help if you learn bits and pieces of basic first aid to treat common bruises and wounds.

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Learn these 6 basic first aid tips to bandage up cuts and bruises like a pro!

1. Wash Your Hands Properly

Whenever you start to tend to an injury, ALWAYS wash your hands. Use a good antibacterial soap and warm water. Or if you’re on the go, use a good hand sanitizer.

First aid tips
First aid tips

2. Stop The Bleeding

Take a clean wash cloth and gently apply pressure to the injured site to stop the bleeding. Make sure that the cloth you’re using is made up of soft material. Also, it shouldn’t have loose threads sticking out.

3. Clean The Wound

Use cool running water to gently rinse the wound. Wash the area around the wound with a mild soap. Don’t get the soap into the wound or cut. It will irritate the skin. Dab the wound dry with a clean cotton pad or paper towel. Also, avoid using hydrogen peroxide or iodine. Both these can irritate the skin. To consult the best general physicians in Islamabad visit marham.pk

4. Remove Any Debris From The Wound

Sterilize a pair of tweezers with alcohol first. Clean the tweezers with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Then use these tweezers to gently pick up any splinters, glass shards, gravel, or other material in the wound.

5. Apply An Ointment

Apply an antibiotic ointment on the wound. It will prevent bacterial infection to develop. Apply the ointment gently in circular motions. Slowly spread the medicine till the surrounding area of the wound is also covered.

You can also give painkiller like ibuprofen or acetaminophen if the pain is intense.

6. Bandage It Up

All bruises, cuts, and wounds don’t always need a bandage. Some heal quicker if left open to stay dry. But if the wound is on the part of the body that might get dirty or rub against clothes, cover it with a sterile (clean) bandage. You need to change the bandage everyday or whenever it gets wet or dirty. Also, its good to keep the wound open for a while. It speeds up healing. Consult the best general physicians in Karachi via marham.pk

First aid tips
First aid tips

Cuts and bruises are common and one should know how to deal with them. If you know proper first aid it can help you to administer proper immediate treatment. And help you and your loved ones to avoid something serious.

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