6 Foods To Avoid If You Have A Stomach Ulcer

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Some people live for food and some people eat food for a living. No matter which category you fall your food is going to reach in your stomach. As food provides energy to the body and stomach is responsible for performing food digestion, it is very important to choose the right food to eat that is gentle to the stomach. And if you have stomach ulcer then I must say you have to be extra more careful while choosing your food. Stomach ulcer (also known as a peptic ulcer) is a particular type of sore that gets formed in the lining of the digestive system. If you are suffering from this problem then you must consult with the best gastroenterologist in Lahore via Marham.pk.

Till now if you had no idea about food that you must avoid in stomach ulcers then don’t worry. In this article you will get to know about them:

1.Red Meat:

If you’re suffering from stomach ulcer then you should avoid red meat. It is one of the hardest things for the stomach to digest properly. Red meat is high in fat and requires more acid in the stomach which can irritate the stomach lining and worsen the ulcer.

food for Stomach Ulcer

2.Caffeinated Drinks:

According to a study from “Medical Clinics Of North America” consumption of caffeine can increase the amount of acid present in your stomach and can cause indigestion. That’s why caffeinated drinks should be avoided. Especially individuals diagnosed with stomach ulcer are advised to cut off caffeinated drinks from their diet. To get an online appointment with the best gastroenterologist in Islamabad visit Marham.pk.

3.Spicy Food:

If you’re a diehard fan of spicy food then it might hurt you to know that you should avoid it as well. Yes! Many studies have found that intake of spicy food can worsen the condition and can cause more irritation in the ulcer that currently exists in the stomach. So, in order to let the ulcer heal, you must avoid spicy food. At least you can try!

4.White Bread:

Another food item that can worsen the condition is white bread. It is recommended to cut down on the intake of white bread when suffering from a stomach ulcer, as it makes the symptoms more unpleasant and complicated.

5.Dairy Products:

Dairy products should also be avoided in stomach ulcer. It may lead to overproduction of acid in the stomach and can cause irritation. Especially if you drink milk when the stomach is full, that will only make the ulcer worse. So, try to lower the intake of milk and other dairy products until your ulcer heals properly.

6.Baked Food:

Baked food items are stuffed with trans fat and other content that can cause the acid to increase further and cause irritation in the stomach ulcer. So, try to cut down the consumption of baked foods in order to avoid any further complication and suffering from a stomach ulcer. You can also book an online appointment with the best gastroenterologist in Karachi through Marham.pk.

food for Stomach Ulcer

Your body needs the energy to work properly and the food is the primary source of energy. However, when you’re suffering from some serious medical issue then the body gets weak and only the correct choice of food can reenergize it better. So, always know what you should eat and what should be avoided. Your body is in your control so know more and better about it.

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