6 Health Conditions and their Relation with Height

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Short-statured men and women who are obese have fewer chances for healthy life as compared with taller men and women. It’s a fact that a fixed quantity of food will affect differently to taller and shorter people. Shorter men and women if eat what is equal to a diet of tall people they are at risk of socioeconomic disadvantages. But don’t be disappointed if you are short because, in the end, it all leads to genetics and healthy nutrition you take.

Height is sometimes involved in affecting health this is how:


Scientists collect five years data and based on it conclude that if you have short legs then you will likely to get type 2 diabetes. Tall people are at less risk of getting it. It’s not clear why it is related but short stature shows poor nutrition and they have more metabolism problems than other people. Find and consult with the best diabetes doctor in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.


If you belong to below average height it means you are at odds of getting some cancer. it is a study in Europe where they showed that short women have fewer chances of getting cancer from ovaries. Same for shorter men they have a fewer risk of prostate cancer.
height-and cancer

Heart Ailment:

About 50 percent people with short height are prone to getting heart diseases. Tall people will less likely to get coronary heart illness. Poor nutrition and infection can also alter your hearts health. Height is mostly due to genes so it can be at odds with heart problems in life.


When blood flows in the brain gets cut off you will experience a problem of stroke. Taller people will be getting it less especially if they are healthy and their BMI is according to their height. If in childhood you have taken healthy nutrition than you will be saved from problems related to the brain.

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Clots of  Blood in Veins:

This is a serious condition because it can leads to traveling of a major vein to lungs. Studies say if you are short you have fewer chances of getting blood clots in veins similarly taller people can get more blood clots in veins.


When you are tall you will likely to have longer pregnancy and shorter women will give birth before their due dates they will give birth sooner than taller women. It could be related to the sizes of body parts mostly cervix and pelvis. You can consult with the best gynecologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities in case of any pregnancy-related issues.

Eating healthy and staying healthy is very important for the groups of both short and tall people. Do some exercise and improve your posture an obese person will be more affected by diseases, obesity also affects your height if you are fat you have chances that you didn’t achieve your full height. Similarly, if you lose weight you will look taller. Height and weight negatively affect each other. Eat healthily and staying healthy is more important!

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