6 Myths about Electricity Cleared Up

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1819 was the year when the world lit up for the first time. Since then we are enjoying its benefits but many humans also lost their lives by just a shock of high voltage electricity. One simple perception is to stay away from electric wires which is safe and true. But some myths are also there, you want to know the facts? Here they are:

Power Lines are Insulated:

It’s not correct. 90 percent of power lines are not insulated, and even the insulated ones could have lost insulation from a storm. That means they are never safe to touch so stay away from them.

Power Lines are Insulated

If it’s not High Voltage it’s Safe:

Actually, voltage is not the real culprit to kill you; amperage will. It takes one amp to cause fatal heart irregularities. For heart troubles and diseases, you can find and contact with the best cardiologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk. The average house has between 100 and 200 amps running through it which are not safe to touch.

A Fallen Wire will Shutoff:

No, it won’t. If it falls on a poor conductor, like asphalt, the wire will not short circuit. It could still be alive, even if it doesn’t produce sparks. Always stay at least 20 feet away from a downed wire.

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Wood is not a Conductor:

The most common perception is also false. Wood is just a poor conductor, but wet wood is good in conductivity, so be careful around any wood that could have been energized.

Electricity Cleared Up

Rubber Gloves and Rubber Shoes Insulate:

Only correct if they are made up of 100% pure rubber. Since your typical gloves and shoes are mixed with cheaper materials, they can be conductors. Don’t expect them to protect you from a potential electrocution. Even they can make the situation worse in case of shock as they stick to the skin and cause skin blisters. In case of skin blisters, you can take help from the best dermatologist in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad via Marham.pk.

If you Turn Something off, it is Safe:

Only when is if an item is in a standby mode, which generally consumes zero electricity otherwise it can continue to use a little energy and are not really off. So do not consider them safe and avoid touching them.

Be safe and tell others about the facts to keep the community secure.

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