6 Remedies to Eliminate Shoe Odor.

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Shoe odor is just a problem in summer but winters too. There are many causes of shoe odor which includes fungal infections, genetics issues, athlete’s foot, and sweating. Foot odor can make your shoe stink very badly. We cannot blame anyone for this problem because it can happen due to unusual reasons. Thankfully we can eliminate this stinky odor even at home.
Here we are going to share some magical remedies to get rid of this odor and embarrassments that created against it. You can also book the best doctors in Pakistan from Marham.pk.

Dried Leaves and Essential oils.

Keeping dried neem leaves can be the best option for bad odor in shoes. Keep it a night before using the shoes. You can also use essential oils to eliminate really bad and stinky smell. Wash your feet with neem water for further good results.

Shoe odor
Shoe odor

Baking soda

Put baking soda in socks and it will help in eliminating the smell. You can also put baking soda in shoes directly. Baking soda is very good in eliminating bacteria from shoes that can cause the smell. You can also book the best doctors in Karachi from Marham.pk.


Vinegar is always the best idea for any kind of cleaning and smell. In this remedy, apple cider vinegar is a good option as it works immediately. You can dip shoes in diluted vinegar. With dilute here means 1 glass of water and 2 spoons of vinegar.

Baby powder

Baby powder is a multi-purpose thing. Put this powder in shoes a night before using it. It will not only eliminate the smell but also give a good odor to your shoes and feet.

Lemon and water

Adding lemon in water is also good for eliminating the smell. Add a lemon in one glass of Luke warm water. Dab it with help of cotton ball on the sole of the shoe.

Shoe odor
Shoe odor

Lavender oil.

Lavender oil is one of the magical essential oil. You can dab it with help of cotton ball inside and outside the shoe. It will work fast and eliminate the bad odor from shoes. You can also book the best doctors in Islamabad from Marham.pk.
Keep yourself away from embarrassments and also keep you’re your shoe away from odor. Bad odor will not only make you suffer but also suffer other from it

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