6 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate

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Since we were young we have been told that chocolate is bad for you and that is true but only to an extent. Chocolate eaten in large quantities is obviously not healthy but eating a little at a time can be very good for you. Out of all the different types of chocolate, dark chocolate has been proven to be really good for us with a cocoa percentage of 70% or more.

Benefits of chocolate

It Can Help You Lose Weight

As surprising as it seems chocolate can really help you lose weight. Chocolate that is consumed 20 minutes before a meal sends signals to your brain telling you that you’re full which makes you lose your appetite resulting in weight loss.

May Prevent Pregnancy Complications

Research has shown that pregnancy complications can be reduced by a chemical that is proven to be in dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate reduces the risk of Preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication, by 69%.

May Prevent Cancer

The cocoa in chocolate has been proven to disrupt cancer cells from spreading. Researchers tested cancer cells with pentamer, a compound found in cocoa, and found that the proteins necessary for cancer growth were suppressed and that the cells stopped dividing.

Chocolate Is Good For Your Skin

Dark chocolate is good for your skin. Flavonoids found in dark chocolate protect your skin from the suns UV rays which prevent you from getting many skin infections.

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Good For The Heart and Circulation

Dark chocolate helps with the flexibility in arteries and also helps white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels. Which are causes of artery clogging?

Makes You Live Longer

The oldest anyone has ever lived is Jean Louise Calment who ate two and a half pounds of chocolate every week. Researchers found that eating chocolate adds two years to your life expectancy.

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