6 Tactics To Help You Spot a Liar

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How To Spot a Liar?

It happens on an everyday basis and many of us get misled, misinformed and deceived at one time or another. If we describe this situation generally, “we get lied to”. You are not alone in being feeling about it, none of us likes it.

Nowadays lying has become very convenient and trendy. People just don’t think about the outcomes while lying to someone. If it is happening to you first time do not just sit and cry over it, you need to get control over the situation. You can get control just by memorizing some simple tips and then implementing these in your daily life.

Lying is a complex process that makes things difficult between body and brain to coordinate with. First, of the all the whole lie is made in the brain and then it forces the body to deal with it.

All of the liars are not skilled in this, some of them are bad liars and they can be detected by some general gestures which are accepted as detection markers such as; a bad liar might blush or sweat during lying to someone. But these signs become useless when you are facing a good liar because a practiced liar can easily convey a lie with cool and calm looks while having confident eye contact.

Signs To Detect a Liar

So, there are no signs to spot a liar on the general basis but you can do recognize with some simple tricks that someone is not being honest with you. These tricks are;

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Big Pauses

A general conversation does involve the pauses in it but if these pauses are too long to stand then there is a chance that person is lying. In addition to these pauses, people tend to ask a question frequently while they are lying such as; why do you ask that? Rather than a direct and open answer.

Eye Dart

It’s strange if u haven’t heard that “eyes never lie”. An eye is the most expressive organ of the human body that’s why people use to say that the eye is a window to someone’s soul. Whenever a person is lying to you his/her eyes would never co-operate with the words. That’s why people mostly tend to look away or down while lying.

Irregular Breathing

Whenever someone tries to bend or hide the truth, their breathing just gets irregular and it becomes a sign of lying.


People tend to over justify the situations when there is something wrong with their statement. They try to be more convincing when they are lying to you and their every gesture of communication become more prominent than usual conversation.

Self-comfort Touches

People tend to touch their hairs or play with fingers when they are uncomfortable with the situation or hiding some truth. Some people use these gestures in usual conversations but these become the sign of lying when someone uses it in an over-fashion.

Heckling Hands

The most difficult body parts to handle are hands and feet. The practiced liars often try to keep them controlled while lying to someone. During lying, the words and gestures always remain at odds and in this process hands and feet are the only organs that keep on telling truth.

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