6 Tips and Some Perks of Strength Training

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In our part of the world, it’s a norm to relate strength training and muscle building with men. Though these exercises are equally beneficial for both the gender groups. Strength training has many benefits beyond that buff look.
  • Strong bones so you have good mobility in old age.
  • Improved balance and coordination meaning lesser chances of falling and hurting yourself.
  • Increased basal metabolic rate meaning you burn more calories even when at rest.
  • Better quality of life as you age and lose muscle mass.
These are just a few advantages of strength training to mention.
If you want to start, which you should, here are some beginner tips to get you on the way to the healthy body.

How to Start?

You might think this is not for you as it will need a lot of equipment or a gym membership. Reality is quite averse, as you can easily begin at home with minimal or no equipment.
Simple exercises like pushups, pull-ups, glute bridge can help train your muscles. Once you set a pace to keep going up a notch and use props like elastic bands, exercise balls, and free weights.
Introducing variety in exercise will make you stronger and breaks the monotony of workout as well. If you have any disease condition like diabetes, BP or heart problem always consult your physician before starting any exercise regime. Find and consult the best general physician in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk.
strength training
strength training

Always Warm-up:

Starting your weight training without a warmup with cold muscles can result in injury. A brisk walk, jog, or jumping jacks and lunges are good for a warmup.

How much is Enough?

You train to build your muscles but remember that muscles grow when at rest. At least one day of rest is required between successive workout spells. Either you can alternate upper and lower body training days or go for a whole body workout twice or thrice a week.

How much Weight to Start with?

Always start with a lighter weight and increase slowly. Perfect the technique so you do not end up hurting yourself. If you increase weight and do not end up doing a set of 12-15 reps in good form, drop it. Take a break. And switch up when you can do it in better form till the end.


Learn to breathe in when you pull the weight and exhale when you let it down. Proper breathing technique during strength training improves performance and helps prevent injuries like a hernia. If you feel shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing when at rest get an appointment settled with the best pulmonologist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk.


A good diet rich in protein and low in unhealthy fats is essential to get the optimal outcome of a workout. Get your customized diet plan from the best nutritionist in Islamabad, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk. Know more about muscle building foods here.
strength training
strength training
Remember your body is going to get a week as you age. It’s important to exercise, make your bones and muscles strong today for a healthy, active and independent tomorrow.

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