6 Tips to Deal with Acne During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a great blessing and a dream for any married couple. But this is not only related to pleasant plans of coming child but also associated with little unpleasant happenings. Acne is one of those unpleasant and unwanted happenings. Pregnancy can initiate the acne or make existing acne problem worse. It is also reported that some women suffering from acne problem experience decreased acne problem during pregnancy. As this situation varies from person to person, so if you experience anything that concerns you during pregnancy it is better to consult your gynecologist. Now it is possible to find and book appointments with gynecologists online using Marham. To find the best gynecologist in Rawalpindi log on to Marham.

Why it Happens?

During pregnancy higher level of hormones named androgens are responsible for pregnancy breakouts of acne. These hormones prompt the sebaceous glands of skin to increase in size and also enhance the production of their oily product named as sebum.

The high amount sebum, combined with the dead skin cells, blocks the small pores of the skin and creates the favorable environment for rapid multiplication of the bacteria. This long sequence ends up with the appearance of acne on the skin which may also lead to inflammation, redness and skin eruption.

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Is it Serious?

Acne breakout during pregnancy may be mild, moderate or sometimes seriously severe. It may arise at any stage during the whole pregnancy duration. Sometimes It comes with pregnancy and goes with it but there are chances that it may last after pregnancy.

If this is the case you may need to consult with skin specialist/dermatologist. Log on to Marham to consult and book an appointment online with the top skin specialist/dermatologist in Karachi.

How to Fight Against it?

During pregnancy, most of the medicines for acne are unsafe and may cause unwanted side effects and complication Therefore pregnancy-related acne is mostly advised to be managed with personal hygiene and care habits. Following tips may help you deal with this condition:

  • Pat your skin dry naturally rather than rubbing with hands or cloth, it may disturb the normal pore structure of the skin.
  • Use oil free moisturizer
  • Don’t squeeze, rub, pop or touch the pimples. It will worsen the problem and may lead to scarring.
  • If you use makeup make it sure that it is water based and not oil based as oil based makeup products can clog the skin pores and make the acne more severe.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy natural food like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Consult the doctor or dermatologist if you are going to apply some gel or ointment on the acne affected skin because some products may be effective to get rid of acne but some ingredients may be harmful to pregnant ladies or the fetus growing inside.

And the most important point which the pregnant ladies should keep in mind that pregnancy is not all bad for the beautiful skin. By using daily care habits and healthy food you may find that your complexion is more radiant than ever before.

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