6 Tips Of First Aid During Asthma Attack

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Every medical condition needs examination on a regular basis but asthma is a condition that must be monitored closely. Even a simple asthma attack can quickly become an asthma emergency. Asthma attacks can happen anywhere at any time and can become complicated if not treated at the moment. It happens in many cases where the victim or the person around the victim has no idea about first aid during an asthma attack. However, it is very important for everyone to know about it. To find and consult with the best pulmonologist in Karachi, visit Marham.pk and book your appointment.

If you or your family member has asthma then you must know these 6 tips of first aid during an asthma attack.

1. Stay Calm:

The first and the most important step is to keep calm yourself. If you’re a respondent then try to keep calm the patient so that he can maintain his control over the body. Staying calm may prevent further tightening of the chest muscles and also helps to breathe easily.

2.Sit Upright Comfortably:

Whenever you have an asthma attack stop whatever you doing and sit upright. And if you see anyone suffering from the attack then immediately helps him to sit upright in a comfortable position. Lose the tight clothing and make him breathe fresh air. You can also easily book an online appointment with the best pulmonologist in Lahore via Marham.pk.

3. Find A Paper Bag And Breathe:

Try to find a paper bag and if you don’t have one then find something similar. Place that bag over the patient’s mouth and breathe. During an asthma attack, patients inhale quickly and as a result, lose carbon dioxide in the process. This increases the risk of having alkalosis (acid-base imbalance). That’s why breathing in a paper bag helps the patient to recycle the exhaled carbon dioxide. Just make sure you don’t use a plastic bag because it will cause more suffocation for the patient.

4.Use Inhaler:

If you’re asthmatic then always keep your inhaler wherever you go. During asthma attack remove the inhaler’s cap and shake it well. Press inhaler in your mouth and take total of four puffs. Wait about a minute between each puff.

remedies for asthma
remedies for asthma

5. Go Away From The Trigger:

Asthma attacks can be trigger by dust, cigarette, chemicals smell, and smoke. If you’re close to any of these triggers then get away as soon as possible. Try to find a place with an air-conditioned environment or simply go to any place with clean air.

6.Seek Emergency Medical Help:

If the patient’s condition becomes worse or wheezing, coughing, and breathing difficulty won’t go away after a period of rest then go to the nearby hospital. It is important to seek immediate medical help in any serious situation. You can also find the best pulmonologist in Islamabad through Marham.pk.

remedies for asthma
remedies for asthma

In any medical condition, it is important to know every little detail about it. You really have to help yourself as well as others. So, always make sure you have adequate knowledge about the disease. Before getting professional medical help, first aid comes first as a savior.

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