6 Tips to Sharpen your Memory

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Having a good memory and a sharp brain is thought to be god gifted.  Besides being a blessing, it depends on you also. There are many things and behaviors that can damage your brain health and memory. Similarly, there are certain tips and tricks to sharpen your memory. Here we have enlisted some tips to keep you sharp and focused.

Use it Or Lose it:

This is very true when it comes to your brain. The more you use it the better will be its performance.  Indulge in mentally challenging activities, read a book or to learn something new. All of these things trigger your brain in novel ways and you can enjoy better memory as well.

Mix it Up:

Your five senses are a means to learning. You can use these to exercise your mind. Indulge in exercises called “neurobics”. Drive a new road, if you are right-handed use try to write with other hands. Things like this stimulate your brain to form new passages and all this adds to healthy brain functions. To find a good doctor log on to marham.pk. you can easily book an appointment with the best neurologist in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan.


Workout regularly to stay sharp. Especially tough exercises that get your heart racing are beneficial.  Staying active helps to have better memory, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

Eat for your Brain:

A healthy diet is a key too healthy brain. To eat healthily it is necessary to cook the healthy first. So bake and broil instead of deep-frying, use good fats for cooking and add a lot of colorful vegetables in your diet. Fish is a must for a good brain. To get a detailed diet plan according to your needs book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Lahore using marham.pk.

Limit Alcohol:

Excessive drinking can permanently damage your brain. It has many other health adverse effects as well. so avoid the use of alcohol and stay sharp for a lifetime.

Video Games:

Grab that handle and jump into the world of video games. These train your brain, sharpen your decision and judgment skills. Although some experts do not agree on this a little fun doesn’t hurt. Yeah?
Act upon these tips and enjoy the good memory.

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