6 Types of Attitude that Make You a Helicopter Parent

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How many of you remember your childhood as a strict list of rules, fully protected with no room for risk and adventure? Were you allowed to sit and play in the mud, run in streets and climb trees? Let me tell you if you have lived a childhood of free play and less strictness you are lucky. Science backs that this approach fuels development of confidence and risk-taking abilities in children. Here we are sharing some discreet signs to help you recognize if you are too protective and hindering your child’s development into a confident person.
Here is what makes you a Helicopter Parent.

You Fight on Behalf of Your Kids:

You see that your kid is complaining about a fellow and you instantly jump in. arguing and fighting on behalf of your kids makes them rely on you unnecessarily. Try to teach them getting through these situations on their own. Be a support system but let them do it themselves.

You Attempt Their Assignments:

Do you feel tempted to do their sums and written work? You feel good to save them from stress and frustration. But science says healthy levels of stress boost problem-solving abilities in children. What you should do is to encourage them to

do it and praise when they accomplish their objectives.

You Guide their Coaches:

If you are the one who is coaching your child’s coach please sideline yourself. Being involved in your kid’s games is important but being too bossy regarding how things should be has a negative impact. Let your child play and make their way in the team based on their natural capabilities. If your kid has a problem tell them to mention it themselves to their coach.

You Don’t Set Your Kids Free:

Do you stay at kid parties when you are meant to drop and leave? Do you always text your teen regarding their location? If this is the case learn to be worry-free. While making sure they are secure is important it is equally essential to cut the apron strings and leave them on their own. This encourages self-confidence.

You are Not Teaching Them Responsibility:

Are you a maid in your house? Cleaning the room of your teen, doing the laundry of 18 years old? If you do not teach them to share household chores they are not going to learn it for their future. It is important to make them responsible for their room, hygiene, clothes and help in the kitchen.

You Want it Too Safe:

Do you want to bubble wrap your toddler? Prop helmets and knee pads on your kids every time they are heading out? Being worried is a part of parenting but setting them free to limits is also crucial. Let them climb tree, fall and scrape it all adds to their life experiences and growth as a person.

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