6 Ways a Nutritionist can Help You Achieve your Fitness Goals

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A nutritionist is a person who is expert enough to advise about food and nutrition and their impacts on health and fitness. Usually, we don’t think we need to consult a nutritionist but there are certain health conditions and goals that can be dealt with better if we follow a specifically designed diet plan.  To find and consult best nutritionist/diet specialist in Rawalpindi log on to Marham.

How He can Help You to Achieve Fitness Goals

Live healthily and appropriately fit is a desire of almost all human beings whether men or women and everyone tries to his full extent to achieve the goal of living fit. But this desire cannot be a fact without the help of a good and expert nutritionist. He can help the person to achieve the goals of fitness by recommending:

  • Appropriate food items to maintain fitness either by losing or gaining weight.
  • The appropriate scheme of exercise and physical activity.
  • Best times to eat and what to eat at what time.

Appropriate Food Selection:

Nutritionist recommends appropriate food according to the person’s body type and requirement and goals of that person. Generally, nutritionist recommends following things.

Count on the Right Carbohydrates:

Good and right carbohydrate intake is necessary as it makes you feel full for longer time provides an adequate amount of energy and maintains the sugar level accurately without putting extra caloric burden. Intake of following foods is right choice to fulfill carbohydrate needs;

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Beans

Take Enough Protein:

Protein intake in the appropriate amount is vital for the growth, maintenance and proper functioning of the body. It is important for building and repairing of muscles and provides extra boost of energy to cope up with daily routines. Following diets are good sources of healthy protein;

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  • Poultry
  • Red meat
  • Fish
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes
  • Eggs

Choose Healthy Fats:

Unsaturated fats are really beneficial for good health and provide appropriate amount of calories. They provide adequate amount of essential fatty acids and energy. Healthy fats may be obtained from following foods;

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Oils, such as olive oil

Appropriate Exercise:

Nutritionist usually recommends exercise according to body type and goals of the person. For example, in start, he may recommend some light exercises to make the stamina and after that, he may advice some good and little tough exercise pattern to loose or gain weight. Usually, nutritionist advise following things;

  • Regular morning walks
  • Regular workout after taking meals
  • Regular set of exercise at appropriate time according to requirement

Timing of Eating:

To achieve the fitness goals fully, timings of eating meals really matters. To deal with this nutritionist advise following bits.

  1. Use high proteins and good complex carbohydrates in the morning meals.
  2. Use good amount of healthy proteins before exercise and after the completion of your work out.
  3. Take appropriate amount of water before and after workout.
  4. Take little bit of fats before and after exercise but never during the exercise.
  5. Take good source of minerals and vitamins during the day.
  6. Use plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day.
  7. Take low-grade proteins in your night meal.
  8. Avoid taking anything after night meal.

Following a proper diet will help you achieve your fitness goals more effectively and rapidly. So, if you are really ambitious about certain specific fitness goals do not forget to talk to a nutritionist about it and get expert advice in this regard.

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