6 Ways To Regulate Your Cholesterol Level

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Cholesterol is a waxy material naturally occurring in the body and work positively to regulate many essential body functions. The problem occurs when its level increases above a normal range of 200. High cholesterol level is a commonly occurring condition to the extent that it’s really alarming for the community. Keep a close look at your cholesterol numbers to stay healthy.

Why Cholesterol Level Goes Up?

The cholesterol level remains in range until you do follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. To design you a diet that controls your cholesterol and keeps it in a healthy range, a nutritionist can help. You can find the best dietitian in Lahore at Marham. As this evil never comes without a friendly invitation. Following things may invite this curse:

  • High intake of fatty foods
  • More consumption of junk and processed food
  • Less exercise and physical activity
  • Obesity

How it Affect Life?

Elevated cholesterol level invites other medical complications to affect the normal body functioning of the person. The associated medical complications of high cholesterol level are the following:

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How to Regulate it?

If you are suffering from the ill effects of high cholesterol level then keep in mind that only your sincere and continuous efforts can revert it back to a normal point. So be prepared for this battle and keep the following points as your weapon.


If you are a victim of high cholesterol level then use prescribed medicine regularly. You are seriously at the risk of life-threatening problems so you should take the cholesterol-lowering medication according to prescription.

Life Style Changes:

Without the aid of certain lifestyle alterations, you cannot achieve the aim of lowering cholesterol level. Following alterations are required in this regard.

Dietary Alterations:

You, the victim of high blood cholesterol level are now limited to certain foods and certain foods are prohibited for you. Take a look at it.

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Friendly Foods:

The friendly foods which may help to lower the elevated blood cholesterol level include following;

  • High fiber diet. The fiber content of the food will bind to cholesterol and eliminate it from the body.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids. This will provide healthy fats and lowers cholesterol level.
  • Sulfur-containing foods like garlic and ginger. Sulfur is a good serving agent to clean the arteries by dissolving deposited cholesterol.
  • High antioxidant diet. This will fight against the evil effects of high cholesterol level.

Prohibited Foods:

The person having a high cholesterol level should avoid the following foods at any cost;

  • Sugary and fatty foods
  • Carbohydrate foods and drinks
  • Hydrogenated and trans fats
  • Caffeine

Regular Exercise and Physical Activity:

Regular exercise of morning and evening will tremendously lower down the elevated cholesterol level. The exercise increases the melting of deposited cholesterol and elimination rate from the body. Fasten the lowering rate by keeping yourself active the whole day. If you work on the desk then do a little effort and left your work for just 5 minutes to take a few steps after 2 or 3 hours. This tiny effort will greatly decrease cholesterol levels.

Maintaining cholesterol in a normal healthy range is essential to ward off ailments like heart disease and stroke. It’s easy to manage it with good diet and exercise, which go a long way in not only controlling your cholesterol but also in maintaining healthy weight and body. Having an active lifestyle and adopting good eating habits will go a long way in maintaining your cholesterol and heart health.

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