6 Ways You Can Live Better With Chronic Pain

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Diseases like diabetes, neuralgia and many others can cause never-ending pain. Living with chronic pain can sabotage the quality of life. It is certainly depressing to find your comfort at the end of a handful of pills and capsules. If you or any of your loved one suffering from chronic pain this article is worth giving a read. In this write up we are discussing certain ways to manage pain that are beyond the use of painkillers and analgesics.

Focused Breathing and Meditation:

When you focus on breathing and indulge in meditation your body relaxes. This helps to relieve pain. Your brain releases messages for muscles to relax. Many types of meditation also include repetition of a mantra. Conscious breathing, chanting a reaffirming relaxing mantra and cancelling out all the negative thoughts is a great way to relax both mind and body.

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If you choose to attend a class it will have further benefits. Deep breathing has many benefits. Sit comfortably and imagine a point below the navel and inhale. Then exhale completely. For any kind of breathing problems, you should consult a pulmonologist or book an appointment online via marham.pk.

Get Rid of Stress:

stress, anxiety and anger intensify pain and also make you feel more drained. Living with depression can multiply the discomfort of chronic pain to many folds.  To alleviate depression you can employ several techniques such as:

  • Listen to calming music
  • Mental relaxation via guided imagery where you intentionally create soothing scenarios in your mind.
  • Progressive mental relaxation is also helpful to destress yourself.
  • For professional help regarding mental health, you can have a session with the best psychiatrist in Islamabad or other cities of Pakistan using marham.pk.

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Quit Smoking:

Smoking is the worst thing to do if you suffer from chronic pain. it intensifies circulation problems. it also elevates the chances of cancer, heart problems and respiratory issues.

Exercise Helps:

Exercising has many benefits regarding pain relief. It elicits endorphins which boost mood and hamper pain signals. Exercise also increases muscle strength and improves balance. This prevents falls and re-injury hence reducing further pain. It also helps in weight loss which is beneficial if you have metabolic syndrome especially diabetes. In case of any chronic disease do consult your doctor before you start any exercise.

Be Social:

Get to know people living with chronic pain or join a group. Seeing people going through similar problems bravely will lift your spirits also. You will not feel alien. Also, you can benefit from their wisdom and strategies that work well.

Get Enough Sleep:

adequate sleep is essential for improving the quality of life with chronic pain. Sleep disturbances can worsen pain and discomfort.

In any problem or disease, it is important to gain enough information and then act wisely. Understanding your condition will help you a lot in the long run.

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