7 Alarming Signs Of Itchy Shingles

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Localized burning, throbbing or stabbing pain followed by rash appearance within days to weeks, some people may describe it as itch but actually, it is the sign of shingles. It can be constant or may come and go, but it is necessary to get rid of it. Why? Who likes to be live with itchiness especially when it can be dangerous? Yes, shingles can be dangerous. You are clueless about these, read about it here.

How can Shingles be Dangerous?

Itchy sensation forcefully takes your hand to the itchy area and you do to calm the restlessness. If that area is close to some sensitive part of the body then it may be dangerous. Mild or severe, itchiness close to the nose, ear or eye can lead to severe infection in these vital organs which may cause loss of function. To maintain the best function of these foremost organs you can consult the best ENT specialist in Islamabad or Lahore via Marham.pk.

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When to Consult your Doctor?

Although the itchiness is enough to consult the doctor to live a calm life, if you do not take it as enough then these signs are an alarm to consult the doctor.

  • You suspect an outbreak is beginning like the situation of spreading of itchiness t whole body.
  • Rashes on face especially on the nose as it can raise the risk of herpes zoster in the eye, which can lead to corneal damage and vision problems.
  • The affected area becomes secondarily infected with bacteria indicated by redness, swelling, fever, and pus.
  • Rash lasts longer than 10 days without improvement.
  • The pain becomes too great to bear.
  • You have shingles and are in contact with someone who has a weakened immune system.
  • Any strange symptoms with the shingles rash, such as vertigo, buzzing in your ears, rapid onset weakness, double vision, face droop, or confusion.

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You know a little late in mild illness can help it to become a serious health issue. Solve the little health problems at the beginning, it will save your time, money and life.

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