7 Astonishing Psychological Facts About Eyes

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What feature do you notice first in a human at first sight? It is a very common question among people, especially in youngsters. Every person would answer it differently as some are interested in nature and others do prefer the physical appearance or features. According to a survey, it has been reported that a considerable portion of population notices the eyes when they first time meets someone. Some people say that it is their unconscious habit but some of them confess that they intentionally do that.

Eyes are a very important feature of human body biologically as well as psychologically. According to a psychologist in Karachi body language has key importance in the communication process and eyes are considered the key component in body language.
Some people say that “eye is a window to look into someone’s soul”.

7 Strange Psychological Facts

If you are among the specified population whose feature of choice is eyes then you came to a right place because here we are going to reveal some interesting and strange psychological facts about eyes told by the best psychologist in Karachi.

    • Pupil Size:

Pupil size? Yes! Pupil size can tell you a very important fact.
As we practically don’t have any control over pupil size but light do affect our pupil and made it to contract or dilate. Pupil dilates when you are interested in the person you are talking to or the object you are looking at.

    • Visual Clues:

It has become very common to use visual clues but it is only possible for two species on this planet such as; humans and dogs. And dogs only do it with humans.

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    • Eye Contact:

It is very important factor in a conversation that can decide the outcome of a dialogue going on. If someone’s eye contact rate is 60%, it reveals the boredom of a person and if it exceeds to 80% then it shows the interest of a person and if it is 100% then be careful, because it could be a sign of threat.

    • Eye-glasses:

According to sources, it has been proven that people who wear glasses give a more honest look than who do not wear glasses. Some people also say that people wearing glasses with rims look more trustworthy than others. If you want to get rid of eyeglasses come to Laser vision Centre, Lahore. We have solutions for eyesight correction and many other eye problems.

    • Eye Aversion:

It is considered as a sign of respect in many cultures. So, if someone is looking down while talking to you, do not get it wrong. They are just trying to show some respect in their own way you just need to accept it wisely because the conversation is not only about eye contact.

    • Blue Eyes:

It has been reported that people having blue eyes are more tolerant to alcohol than others. And these are also considered to be more sensitive to light.

    • Baseball Players:

It has been reported that professional baseball players have an average vision of 20/12 which is way better than the “good” 20/20 vision which most people have. So, if good vision in opposite gender is one of your weaknesses then go for the baseball players.

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