7 Common Household Hazards You Need To Be Aware Of

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A home is a safe haven for everyone. Making it really safe for your family needs some further work. Especially a household with kids needs extra care regarding many small matters. Today we are mentioning some common household hazards that are found affecting people. You can tell us which ones you have fixed and what else should we add to the list.

Common Household Hazards:

Have a look around your house and see how many of these can you find.

TV Sets:

Large TV screens are a rage nowadays. You will find these in every household. Most commonly these are placed on tables and TV stands with no extra support. Mounting these safely is equally important. A 65 inch TV weighs around 70 pounds. A weight enough to cause serious injuries. In the case of children, it is even dangerous. Further to be safe from such accidents mount a TV on stable furniture pieces only. Also, consider taking extra caution by adding bolts with studs into a wall or use anti-tipping straps.


Lint in Dryer:

A dryer is also one leading cause of household hazards and fires. The main culprit behind is the lint trapped in its filter. Clean dryer filter every time you use it. for further safety once a year also get the vent tube cleaned.

Carbon Monoxide:

This poisonous gas is emitted by many household pieces of equipment. Gas stoves, fireplaces, lawn equipment, cars and grills as well are few to mention. Excess inhalation of this gas can cause symptoms like flu. If you too suspect carbon monoxide poisoning visit your general physician. To be safe, install a carbon monoxide detector. Never use outdoor equipment inside. Also, make sure vents are not clogged and are working efficiently as well.

Too Much Clutter:

Everyone including kids and elderly as well are prone to get tripped over toys or wires cluttering rooms or walkways. Keep staircase free from clothes, walkways and outside clear from puddles and trash as well.

Swimming Pool:

Pool in the house is a luxury and a hazard as well. Kids or pets can get drowned easily. Use a fence with a minimum height of 4 feet and install childproof latches as well. Further pool covers are also helpful to prevent such hazards. Use of alarms over safety gates of pools is also recommended. Further in case of any problem regarding child health always trust an experienced child specialist only.

Space Heaters:

If you opt to use space heaters prefer buying newer models with improved safety features. Use one according to the size of your room. Also, place it at a safe level away from walkways and busy areas at home.


Tragic accidents result from inappropriate and careless storage of weapons. Kids, as well as a family member with compromised mental health, can get hold of them. Always store weapons unloaded and in a vault. Also, place bullets separately. Further keep keys away from reach and information of kids.


These and many other hazards like opioids, moulds and smoking inside the house as well are present in many households unnoticed. We need to take an action and also clear out these hazards for the safety of our family and environment. you can also play your part by sharing this information and you might save someone’s life.

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