7 Daily Use Items which are Toxic

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How much time of day did you spend to keep your home clean and hygienic for your family? Indeed a lot. But all your efforts seem like in vain when you notice illness in any member. You know why it happens? Because there are many hidden culprits existing in your home, which can silently attack. Stay aware to stay safe.

Store Receipt:

It is common to crumple up a receipt and toss it in purse, pocket or bin but touching your proof of purchase is not at all safe. Receipts are printed on thermal paper covered with a thin coating of powder that contains BPA, an endocrine-disrupting chemical which has been linked to breast cancer, diabetes, and hormone abnormalities in children. So avoid touching it or putting it in a shopping bag with food items. To manage hormonal abnormalities book yourself an appointment with the best endocrinologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

mosquito repellant

Insect Repellents:

Though these items prevent insect bites and infectious disease some of the ingredients of your effective bug spray may disrupt neurotransmitters necessary for proper body functions. Neurotransmitter imbalance needs an urgent attention from a neurologist. You can find the best neurologist in Karachi via Marham.pk. They can affect breathing and muscle function and they can cause cardiovascular collapse and death if inhaled in large amounts.

Laundry Detergents:

In addition to being filled with harsh chemicals, many detergents contain phenol, which can be easily absorbed through your skin and can cause renal and hepatic dysfunction. To help you find a good hepatologist/liver specialist Marham.pk has enlisted the best liver specialists in Lahore, Karachi and all other main cities of Pakistan. Not limited to these but potent chemicals of detergent can lead to cancer and infertility. To avoid these negative effects go with an organic brand of laundry detergent, especially if you have allergies, eczema, or sensitive skin.

Non-stick cookware:

To whip out miracle recipes in a hot second you might choose non-stick cookware pans or casserole dishes. These non-stick coatings can melt when overheated, revealing aluminum that’s super unhealthy when digested as it is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and several cancers. Marham.pk is where you can find some of the best oncologists in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan.


Though it is meant to keep you feeling fresh and warding away stinky post-workout situations, but are you aware that it is another surprising source of aluminum? And this aluminum clogs your pores and causes skin problems in the area. Also, it is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and both prostate and breast cancers.


Though they may make you smell good, some perfumes or body sprays contain hazardous compounds that can harm the delicate mucosal surfaces of our respiratory tract and leads to serious pulmonary issues.

perfumes are toxic

To solve pulmonary issues especially tuberculosis you can find best tuberculosis specialist in Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

Air Freshener:

Maybe every visitor admires the fresh soothing fragrance of your air freshener but inhaling its chemicals isn’t safe for anyone in your family. The artificial fragrances that are added to air fresheners can irritate your eyes, skin and may cause inflammation. Chronic inhalation is the risk factor for asthma and can damage your lungs.

Safety starts with awareness and awareness starts with you. So make your family safety sure.

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Tayyaba Waris
She is a student of Ph.D. molecular biology at Comsats University, Islamabad. She is working on the causes and treatment of male infertility. She has also worked on liver disease and its herbal treatments and has recently got her paper published in the National journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals. At Marham, she writes about hot medical issues and general health problems.