7 Essential Screening Tests Every Women Should Go Through

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For women, regular checkups and tests are very important at least after every year. It’s a fact that when you go for regular tests you stay away from diseases and serious illnesses can be detected earlier. Women’s when go in their 30’s should seek continuous screening tests. Women have a responsibility to the whole household on them so they need to be healthy and fit. Women’s health should be our first priority.
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Gynecological Check-Ups and Tests:

  1. Your gynecologist should perform the pelvic exam for growth abnormalities and breast exams for any lumps or discharge through nipples and she should also do pap smear in which they collect cervical cells through a swab.
  2. Your gynecologist will also check for human papillomavirus through regular checkup test this is to check for cervical cancer. A mammogram is done for breasts to check for breast cancer. You have any tumor than it will be shown in this test.
  3. Colonoscopy is done by inserting a tube and small camera into your rectum to check for polyps they do it while you are sedated.
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Other Tests:

Heart Check-up:

The doctor will check blood pressure and do a blood test for the cholesterol levels. She may recommend you to go for CRP test to check your heart health. This test is to check the inflammation in the heart. It also defines your risk of heart diseases.

Eye Exam:

The doctor would look for any signs of eye diseases by checking your vision. If you are patient of high blood pressure and diabetes than you are prone to eye diseases.

Diabetes Test:

This test is to know about your blood sugar levels, as diabetes is very common these days and it can lead to various other diseases so you should go for it once a year. If you are overweight then you are at risk of getting diabetic.

Vitamin D Test:

It can be checked through your blood so that doctor knows about your level of vitamin D and prescribe you medicine according to it.

  • Make sure you go through these screening tests annually to keep check of diseases and stay on track for healthy living.

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Dr. Nazli Hameed

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Dr. Syeda Riffat

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