7 Foods that Help Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

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If you suddenly heard from your physician that you are the victim of lifelong existing metabolic disorder known as diabetes mellitus and now you are worried about your eating stuff because most of the food items around you are scaring to elevate your blood sugar level. But no need to worry as there are still some food items present which are not only delicious and quite safe in diabetes but also can control your blood sugar level with amazing accuracy. Here are some natural foods listed which will help you a lot in the struggle of maintaining blood sugar level. For further guidance, you can consult with a diabetes doctor. To find a diabetes doctor/diabetologist in Lahore log on to Marham.

Fatty Fish:

Fish is the natural source of healthy proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients increase the metabolic rate. This factor and absence of carbohydrate in fish make it a friendly diet for diabetic persons.


It is the healthiest grain on the planet that is enriched with beta-glucan; the water-soluble fiber. It greatly helps to maintain blood sugar level and also reduces the body weight due to its high fiber content and low carbohydrate percentage.


Like barley, oats are enriched with the fiber content and these fibers slow down the breakdown and absorption of the carbohydrates. In result, the blood sugar level drops down easily. It also increases the sensitivity of body cells to insulin and decreases the body fats. These two benefits also work for regulation of blood sugar level.

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Beans are a complete package of healthy ingredients as they contain proteins, fibers and adequate amount of minerals and fortunately no carbohydrates. So they are not only safe to diabetic persons but also fulfill their nutritional needs. In addition to blood sugar regulation, they also help to reduce the body weight.

Leafy Greens:

Leafy green vegetables like Spanish, chard, mustard, and lettuce are not only pleasant looking but also regulate blood sugar level and increase the body cell sensitivity to insulin. They are high fiber diet and contains minimum carbohydrate portion so considered as good friends of diabetic patients.


This delicious herb is famous for its lowering blood cholesterol level and anti-inflammatory effects. But recent studies proved it as a good regulator of blood sugar level. It is low calorie and low carbohydrate herb so quite helping for diabetic patients.


Most fruits are just a thing to think for diabetic patients as fruits are enriched with glucose. But here we have good news for fruit lover diabetic persons. Berries are quite safe and friendly in diabetes as they contain less carbohydrate content but enriched with fiber and antioxidants.

Bottom Line:

In diabetes, all those foods are safe and can help to maintain blood sugar levels which have following characteristics;

  • High in fiber and protein content
  • Have low carbohydrate percentage
  • Can increase body cell sensitivity to insulin

So keep these points in mind and choose those food items that are according to this criterion. For a disease-specific diet plan, you can find and consult a nutritionist. To locate the best nutritionist/dietician in Islamabad log on to Marham.

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