7 Genius Hacks To Learn Like A Pro!

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Learning is power. Either you’re a student, a teacher, a doctor, a business tycoon, or an artist, learning is the key to success. But with everything moving so fastly, you kind of need to be fast too. You need to learn fast and adapt fast. There are some genius hacks that you also need to learn. Some people are born that way. That’s true. You throw some learning stuff at them and they look like a dry sponge absorbing water. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do that. You could be like them or even better if you know some cool tips that boost up learning. Consult the best psychologists in Karachi for your mental health concerns.

Wanna be an even bigger sponge? Just follow these tips and you’ll be learning everything in no time!

1. Teach What You’ve Learned. Or Just Pretend To.

When you learn something, put it to a test. Teaching helps you to test what you’ve learned so far. And how much you’ve learned so far. It boosts your conceptual grasp of the topic. Conceptual thinking is the key factor to fast learning.

2. DONT Say I Can’t. Say I CAN!

Be confident and optimistic. Don’t underestimate yourself! You’ve got the same brain as those geniuses. And your brain is just as capable as there is. So stuff it confidently. It’ll manage just fine.

3. Focus!

When you have your learning to do, forget everything else. Focus like a shooter targeting his target. It doesn’t matter how much hours you’re spending, if you aren’t attentive enough, you’re not getting anywhere. Pay all your attention to the task. Don’t let anything distract you. You can deal with those distractions later.

4. Jot Things Down.

Take notes. Lots of them! But not by taking screenshots or typing on a laptop or phone. Write them down. When you use a laptop or phone, there’s a lot of stuff that can distract you. Like receiving notifications every minute. But when you write, you become attentive and focused. Researchers at Princeton University and UCLA found that when students took notes by hand, they listened more attentively and quickly learned important concepts.

5. Read And Repeat. And Repeat. And Repeat.

When you study something, don’t just give it a once overall read. You won’t remember much. Read the material once, pause. Recall what you can remember. Then read it again. Pause and recall again. You’ll remember much more than before. Then give it a third read. This time you’ll be able to remember most of it. Repetition also helps a lot in understanding difficult concepts.

6. Simplify It By Breaking Into Bits.

Don’t cram your head by taking in all the information at once. That’s going to cause an overload and eventually, a headache. The most effective way to learn a long and difficult concept is by breaking it up into smaller pieces. Divide it into smaller portions. Focus on one portion a time, then move on to next. This makes it easier for the brain to store the information. It also helps the brain to analyze and process the information efficiently.

7. Learn Between Short Periods Of Time.

Don’t expect that if you’ll sit for hours learning something without any break, it’s going to be perfect. No! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Taking short breaks between learning sessions is very effective. Experts at the Louisiana State University’s Center for Academic Success suggest giving 30-50 minutes to learning new material. “Anything less than 30 is just not enough, but anything more than 50 is too much information for your brain to take in at one time,” writes learning strategies graduate assistant Ellen Dunn. Once you’ve finished, take a 5 to 10-minute break before you start another session.

Learning is our specialty. Everyone is exceptionally capable of doing it. You just need to figure out the workings of your brain. That’s all.

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