7 Habits To Wreck Your Heart

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You think that no one can do something to wreck his heart as everyone wants perfect health and long lifespan. After reading the following words may be you think again, as many people do the things which are really diminishing their heart health.

Keep Smoking:

Who can say no to this fact that smoking is injurious to health? One of its damaging health effects is the heart problem. Many chemicals of cigarette get deposited in blood vessels, narrowing them, cause blood flow difficult and lead to a heart problem. So if a person keeps smoking means he is wrecking his heart.

Habits to Wreck your Heart

Be a Sluggish Snail:

To lay in bed or sit on a couch is good to relax. But if it is your all day habit then you are doing it at the cost of your heart health. No or less physical activity is a root of high cholesterol level and low blood flow which leads to a heart problem. Find a heart specialist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities you are living in before its too late.

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Ignore Your Increasing Waist Line:

Increasing waistline or putting on extra mass, both are dangerous to heart health. High fats inside the body make it difficult for the heart to pump the blood to all body areas. This stress makes the heart weak and ruins it eventually.

Ignore your Increasing Waist Line

Tolerate High Blood Pressure:

If you are a victim of high blood pressure but still you are not doing any effort to control it then your heart is at stake. High blood pressure puts extra stress on the heart muscles which is really not good.

Be a Regular Customer of Restaurant:

Restaurant food is indeed of high appealing, but seriously, it is a foe to your heart. High fats, improper hygienic conditions and low quality of food items are good enough to ruin your healthy heart.

Be a Regular Customer of Restaurant

Ignore Chest Pain:

Most important among all, if a person experiences chest pain and ignores it means he is responsible for the future heart problem. Heart at an initial stage of damage sends you signals in terms of chest pain. When you ignore it piles up and become an adverse issue.

Skip Medical Checkup:

A proper medical checkup is needed to know hidden and asymptomatic heart disorders. If anyone is skipping this it means he will be attacked by a sudden disorder.

Nothing is more important than heart health, always find some moments to make your heart healthy.

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