10 Health Benefits Of Ispaghol #6 Will Shock You!

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Have you ever heard about a magical remedy that can treat both constipation and diarrhea?  Yes, you guessed it right! Its Ispaghol husk. Another name for it is Psyllium. It is obtained from the seeds of Plantago ovata that are grown in different areas of South Asia and It has plenty of health benefits of ispaghol.

It is used for the treatment of different diseases for ages. Because It has a vast variety of health benefits. From controlling blood sugar to curing your diarrhea, it can be used in maintaining your good health. It has some miraculous properties that can treat both diarrhea and constipation. A number of dietitians mention ispaghol use in daily diet. You can consult the best dietitians in Lahore through Marham.

It is used in different forms and used in the making of different medicines. It is available in the form of granules, powder, husk, and capsules.


Benefits Of Ispaghol (Psyllium Husk)

1. Relieves Constipation

Psyllium husk when taken with water or warm milk, acts as a laxative. It releases its gel-like material. And it gives bulk to your stool and the gelatinous properties of ispaghol soften the stool and relieve constipation.

2. Treats Diarrhea

When taken with yogurt, the ispaghol husk helps in curing diarrhea. Due to its water-soluble properties, it absorbs water in the intestine and hardens your stool. And the yogurt helps in providing probiotics that are also helpful in treating diarrhea.

3. Controls Blood Sugar

Water-soluble fibers like ispaghol help in controlling blood sugar levels. According to research, ispaghol husk use in type 2 diabetes is beneficial. It has gelatin that slows down the breaking and absorption of glucose into the body. And hence control the blood sugar levels. Take Psyllium husk after a meal with water to get better results.

4. Keeps Cholesterol Under Control

The cholesterol can also be controlled using ispaghol. According to researches, it can increase the level of HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) in patients with type-2 diabetes. Take 10-20 grams per day with 8 ounces of water to lower cholesterol.

5. Acts As probiotic

It also acts as a probiotic. And helps in maintaining the good health of the small intestine and digestion. The Psyllium husk fibers undergo slow fermentation in the intestines, so they do no cause bloating and gas in your system. The main function of this husk is to clean the intestine.

6. Helps in Weight Management

By improving digestion, it helps in removing toxins from the body. Similarly, it also controls your food cravings and hence, controls your weight. The psyllium husk is enriched with both soluble as well as insoluble fiber. Moreover, It aids smooth bowel movements, which is essential for losing weight. If you take ispaghol husk with lemon and water mixture on empty stomach in the morning, it results in reducing your body weight

7. Provides Relief From Acidity

It helps in digestion, so it also gives relief from acidity. It makes a protective layer in the stomach that helps in controlling stomach acidity. You can take it with cold water for better results.

These are some of the health benefits of ispaghol. The excess of anything is not good. So you should take ispaghol in a controlled amount. You can consult your dietitian for better guidance according to your medical history and physical health. You can consult the best dietitians in Lahore through Marham.

8. Works Well For Piles Treatment

One of the key benefit of ispaghol is that it has amazing bowel and stomach-clearing ability hence, it serves as an effective remedy for treating piles and anal fissures. Ispaghol softens and it makes easier for piles patient to pass stool because of the water it has absorbed. Ispaghol helps avoid over stretching and keeps anal fissures from rupturing.

9. Fights With Bloating

Consuming ispaghol also helps with the excessive bloating and stuffiness that we experience after eating certain foods. Not only foods, it also helps relieve the bloating that has been caused due to over consumption of liquids as it absorbs the excessive liquids and eliminates it through stool. Hence, no more bloating!!

10. Provides Energy And Freshness

Ispaghol husk, carrying so many benefits, fights from multiple diseases, consequently, it keeps us fresh, healthy and active. Making ispaghol a part of your everyday routine will help you stay away from all those unnecessary diseases and will keep you fit and active. Ispaghol is also said to provide instant energy boost. Whether you’re an athlete or a person working a 9-5 desk job shift, ispaghol is your go to remedy!.

Despite having these benefits, ispaghol should be consumed after consulting a specialist. Know the pros and cons before consuming it as it might not be suitable for all.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, you can consult your health professionals by contacting them online. Marham is providing a platform where you can consult with doctors of all specialties. So you do not need to step out from your safe home, rather book your online consultation appointment with your health providers through Marham’s official website or our mobile application.

FAQs Related To Ispaghol Husk:

1. What are the benefits of taking ISPAGHOL once per week?
It controls your blood sugar, cholesterol, weight and maintains your digestive health

2. What is more beneficial with Ispaghol, milk, or water?
Both have methods that are equally beneficial for your health especially for constipation

3. What is the right way to consume ispaghol (Psyllium Husk)?
the right way to take ispaghol husk with water or warm milk before going to bed.

4. Can I give Isabgol to my 2.5-year-old baby?
Yes, you can give it to toddlers by adding a little amount of husk in their meals.

5. What is the right time to take the ispaghol husk?
The best time to take ispaghol is before going to bed at night or an empty stomach in the morning.

6. How is diarrhea treated with ispaghol/psyllium husk?
For diarrhea, take ispaghol husk with yogurt.

Have you tried ispaghol husk yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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