7 Healthy Refreshing Drinks in Summer

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Dehydration is the biggest problem in summers, and people start consuming packed juices, fizzy drinks, and other harmful liquids. So, all these liquids contain a lot of sugar and a ton of calories, which destroy the body and health of a person. There are many easy to make drinks that serve the purpose of hydration and favorable taste. Consuming large some of water can be very frustrating, so adding flavor to the process of hydrating the body works as a motivational factor.

Following are the easy to make drinks that can be helpful in summers, but consult a doctor before using them, if you have a medical condition;

1. Peach Ice Tea

Peach Ice Tea

It is an excellent remedy to beat the heat of the scorching sun. It is very easy to make and very healthy for the human body. Peach ice tea requires very few ingredients; they are water, frozen peach slices, lemon, black tea bag and honey. With these few ingredients, one can make a very refreshing drink in a few minutes.

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2. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice

Watermelons have always been the favorites to beat the hot summer heat; it is great to have the taste of the fruit in a cold and liquid form. The juice is easy to make, and the ingredients are easy to obtain. All a person needs is watermelon (chopped and chilled), pomegranate without sugar, lemon juice, and mint. Mix these ingredients up and make the best watermelon juice ever, according to one’s taste.

3. Fresh Lime

Fresh Lime

Fresh lime is very refreshing and delicious, and it is very easy to make. All you need is a lemon, soda, and ice. Add all these together, put a bit of honey for taste and enjoy the chilled glass of fresh lime. Substitute sugar with honey, to make the drink more healthy. Garnish it with some mint and drink it while it is chilled.

4. Mint Margarita

Mint Margarita

Mint Margarita is the perfect solution to cool off on the hot summer day. The margarita does not require much effort or ingredients. All a person needs is mint, salt, ice, and lime to make a perfect summer drink. Mint is a herb which keeps the body cool and fresh.

5. Non-Alcoholic Ginger Ale

Non-Alcoholic Ginger Ale

Ginger ale has numerous health benefits, and most importantly it helps to keep the person relaxed and refreshed. The ingredients needed for this drink are ginger, soda and honey. Combine these ingredients, and you will get a tasty and healthy drink, don’t forget to add ice.

6. Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

Carrots are very healthy and nutritious; they are useful for making blood and eyes. The juice is very easy to make, all one needs is carrots, water, ice, salt, honey, and lime. Add all these ingredients together according to the required taste, and enjoy this tasty and healthy drink at home.

7. Lassi


Lassi is a traditional drink, and it always beats the heat. It is easy to make and is consumed by a large number of people. All you need is yogurt, ice, water, and salt or honey; it depends on preference. Drink it while it is chilled and enjoy the health benefits of this nutritious drink.

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