7 Healthy Snacks to Kill Cravings

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Hunger and cravings for some delicious snack make you helpless and you end up eating more. This extra chunk of food can end up making you look somewhat like a Humpty Dumpty. We know to get rid of these cravings without the crisp of the snack is really difficult. But you can avoid health risks of taking extra bites by choosing the healthier snacks. Take help by following healthy snacks in this regard.

Mixed Nuts:

Mixed nuts are amazing snacks to satisfy your cravings. Nuts are enriched with fiber and healthy protein with least calories. Some extra chunks of little nuts will save you from gaining weight and feel you full for a longer time.


The appealing fragrance of crunchy popcorns will surely satisfy your craving for a delicious bite. This low-fat snack has no associated health risk so you can take it with full freedom.

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You feel banana cannot be a snack? Have you tried banana with creamy peanut or almond butter? If not then you should take it. The almond and peanut butter make the energy giving banana delicious and provide healthy fats.

Mixed Berries:

The colorful combination of berries is a great source of the special ingredient like phytochemicals. Due to this special ingredient berries will help you to reduce the weight. Yes, this is the snack for controlling cravings and body weight both.

Pumpkin Seeds:

These little seeds are enriched with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. The person with high degree cravings should take these in his bag. A good bite of these seeds will not only satisfy cravings but also improve skin, eye and male sexual health and fight against insulin resistance. To get help in diabetes of insulin resistance consult a diabetologist. Now you can find and consult with a diabetes doctor in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and book appointments online.

Rice Cake:

White rice is a good form of snack when roasted in form of cake. The good amount of rice protein makes you full for the longer duration of time and fiber content of rice will keep your digestive tract happy.


The healthiest snack is this. If you do not feel much attraction towards it as a snack than add some delicious fruits like cherries or apples or try frozen yogurt.

Next, you have a hunger pang try one of these and thank us later.

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