7 Home Pregnancy Tests to Try Out

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The presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG), also called the pregnancy hormone, can be indicated by the home pregnancy test in urine samples of women. During pregnancy, increasing amounts of hCG are produced in the urine. There is not much difference between the results of home pregnancy tests or the ones done by the doctors at hospitals if done in the proper ways. Pregnancy obviously is natural and women have been through it since forever and been trying to confirm for their pregnancy during the initial stages. So, if you do not have the traditional pregnancy strip available with you and are too anxious to wait till morning, why not try out one of the home pregnancy tests that are good enough to confirm the news for you. We have compiled a list of some of the best and most convenient home pregnancy tests for you.

1. Bleach Pregnancy Test

Every home has the common beach for the purpose of laundry to whiten clothes remove stains, or to disinfect. Pregnancy tests can be performed at home using this cheap item. For this, you need to pour some bleach in a container and add a little of your urine. A chemical reaction follows. If the mixture fizzes and foams up, chances for your pregnancy are high. Otherwise, the likeliness of your pregnancy is low.

The problem with such home pregnancy tests is that the amount of bleach or urine is not specified for a chemical reaction to occur. You must also remember to wear gloves and add the urine in the container outdoors for safety because bleach is a dangerous chemical and produces toxic gases.

2. Sugar Pregnancy Test

Another item present in every home is sugar and can be used for this purpose. First, add some spoonful of sugar in a bowl and pour urine or urinate directly into the container. This time if you are pregnant, clumps of sugar will be formed. If the sugar simply dissolves in the liquid after the addition of urine, you may not be pregnant.

It is suggested that the urine must be concentrated for all pregnancy tests so it is best for them to be done early in the morning on waking. You may preserve some urine from early morning and seal it to use later.

3. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Toothpaste is also present in every home but for this test, you need a plain white one instead of those made with gel or colored stripes. On the addition of urine, two reactions could suggest pregnancy. Either the toothpaste would turn light blue or it would start to foam up. However, there is no suggestion as to how much of toothpaste or urine is required for the test or the time for the test. Sometimes, however, the toothpaste may foam up even if there is no pregnancy if it stays in contact with urine for a long period of time. Because of these drawbacks, this must be used only as a backup of other tests.

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4. Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Dandelions are a common weed and are found in all but especially the most meticulously-tended gardens. Those dandelion leaves must be chosen that are grown in the shade because any interaction with sunlight directly could hinder the proficiency of this test. The leaves must be protected from sunlight at all times.
To perform this test, put the leaves in a container and add early morning urine enough to just to soak them. Check after 10 minutes for any reddish sores on the leaves. These sores suggest pregnancy. In case the sores do not appear, check at intervals until you are sure that the leaves would not react to the urine, meaning any pregnancy.

5. Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

The pine sol test is also a very historic test. It is a common cleaning product at home, but women used to produce their own pine sol before it actually came out as a product of a brand. So one could purchase a bottle of original Pine-Sol at a store, or collect pine needles, cones, twigs, and needles, whatever is convenient. In order to create a more powerful antiseptic, just add urine instead of water on the contrary to what your ancestors may have done. Any change in the color observed suggests of possible pregnancy.

6. Vinegar Pregnancy Test

White vinegar one of the cheapest ingredients at home that could be used for a pregnancy test if the cost is an issue. First, pour your morning urine to a cup of vinegar and wait for a color change which is an indicator for suitable pregnancy. The quantities of the ingredients and the time for the result to appear are not specified and must be learned by the trial and error method only.

7. Soap Pregnancy Test

Soap is again an easily available, cheap product in every home. It can be used to test for pregnancy easily. First, you need to take a bar of soap and pour some urine on it directly. Let it stay for some time and observe any reaction taking place carefully. If the soap begins to bubble up to some degree, chances are quite high for your pregnancy test to be positive, that is, it is possible that you are pregnant.

After getting positive results to these home pregnancy tests, you must, in fact, visit best gynecologist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan, who will carry out all the relevant tests needed to confirm the pregnancy and the prenatal health thoroughly. These tests are not a sure confirmation and should always be followed by a visit to your gynecologist who would help to ensure your child to arrive as healthy as possible in this world.

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