7 Psychological Impact due to Obesity in Women

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Being corpulent in it carries plenty of psychological consequences. Being a woman who is fat adds to the psychological burden. Psychological consequences of being overweight or fat can embrace lowered self-esteem and anxiety, and many serious disorders like depression and ingestion disorders such as binge ingestion, bulimia and eating disorder. The reason for why this is so are not laborious to fathom.

Modern culture is singular in the way that it worships young slim, toned bodies. With rare exceptions, only thin, proportional bodies are thought of attractive & sexy. Corpulent or overweight individuals are looked down upon. It is easy to feel unhealthy about one’s self, to become depressed or anxious or to develop obsessions around eating management when one’s culture makes it clear that the way one appears is entirely undesirable.


General False Beliefs Prevailing Among Obese Women

  • A false belief that they’re non-attractive to the opposite sex is a psychological killer. Sadly this causes a lot of mental stress and that they have a just feeling that they’re not living their life full.
  • Another misconception that being fat isn’t being beautiful is also prevailing & widespread.
  • A general feeling of inferiority complex runs in them due to the feeling of helplessness.
  • The worst psychological consequence is that the false feeling of not being admired. This can indeed have an adverse effect.

The comment that goes with a typical sentiment, “After failure, failure and failure of diets and weight-loss efforts, there’s invariably that tiny voice in the back of your mind that claims, ‘Maybe you’re going to be one of the failures at this.’”
The voice of self-distrust and insecurity can be loud, persistent, discouraging and even destructive to our efforts. We are able to all resonate with poisonous self-talk that invades totally different areas of our lives.

Psychological & Other Consequences!

Social-phobia & low self-esteem

They have extraordinarily low self -esteem. This makes them shrink back from social occasions and that they don’t mingle among their peers. They try not to participate in such social occasions they might avoid going by speech communication certain white lies in the last minute.

Feeling of Bonehead & Incompetence

They assume they have less energy than their peers & colleagues and this gives the impression that they’re lazy. They might think that other are better human being, they may give the impression that they are unsuccessful & incompetent in their lives.
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Fatigue Comes With Obesity

An invariably higher level of stress and anxiety are often observed in girls who are corpulent. This stress level also induces them to binge eating, call it a vicious cycle. This binge feeding makes them further obese. Weighty women who are in active age group of 18-30 are undoubtedly more stressed.

Dissatisfaction & Fear Of Failure

The unsuccessful attempt geared toward reducing their weight comes to haunt them. Thus a streak of frustration and hopelessness runs inside them.
This pain may be hidden, subdued, brushed aside, however always there undermining the sense of security. They can even have, consciously or unconsciously, agreed with the negative feedback, and accepted it as part of who they are.

Sturdy For An Anger, But They Are Actually Need Our Help

Obese women react with anger for many things that happen around them. The manifest of anger they suppose projects them being robust women. But they’re child hearted and in actual terms they need help.

Correlation Between Woman Weight & Her Menstrual Cycle

Obesity also causes irregular period cycle. This makes a woman psychologically uncomfortable. During last decades, some observations confirmed that a very low or very high weight might create disorders of the oscillation, infertility and reduce fertility. Recently, some molecular mechanisms of the correlations between weight and the menstrual cycle were discovered.
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Hormonal Imbalance

All fat women will have neuroendocrine secretion imbalance resulting in depressive disorder. This can be usual and this needs to be tackled. This Stress can even alter the clinical status of many antecedent endocrine disorders like precipitation of adrenal crisis and thyroid storm.


  • Give yourself the right to feel smart about yourself and feel more secure. Say aloud, when nobody is around, “I have the right to feel smart about myself.” it’s necessary to listen to yourself say these words out loud for it to be effective. You may have to say it numerous times to match the emotions to the words. The more you say the words, the earlier they’re going to be programmed into your mind.
  • With a secure and confident “self” we can be more flourishing in achieving any behavioural goal. As youngsters, we couldn’t “fight back.” As adults, we are able to affirm ourselves, program positive thoughts in our mind, silence the negative “voices” in our head, opt to not be tormented by the comments, filter the feedback and promote self-assurance.

Yes, You can repair a broken and insecure self-esteem. The task is to re-program negative thoughts in your mind and replace them with positive thoughts, with time, as it isn’t an instantaneous change. Let me reassure you that you can develop a positive self-esteem throughout time and utilize it effectively to attain weight-loss goals.

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