7 Reasons For Eye Infections

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The month’s old mascara wand that you’ve been using might seem like a good ecological choice but instead, it’s the worst choice you could make for your health. The eye is the most sensitive organ on the external side of our body, which is why if not taken care of properly eye infections are the easiest type of infections to catch. All it takes are harmful microorganisms or viral infection to cause to enter and invade any part of the eyeball and start an inflammation which can turn into an infection.

7 Common Reasons Why You Might Catch An Eye Infection Are:

  1. Allergies: Allergies that cause eye infections are not contagious since they are specific to the person. Eye infections are caused by allergies because watery discharges are released by the eye which helps bacteria enter and cause infection.
  2. Physical contact: The most common reason for someone to catch an eye infection is physical skin to skin contact. Skin to skin contact helps transfer the virus from an infected person to many others that are around. Working in closed increases the risk of eye infections such as conjunctivitis. People with allergies can have mild yet very contagious infections which are also most commonly transferred through skin to skin contact.
  3. Viral infections: Airborne viruses are easily spread through sneezing and coughing which makes this easy for people to be infected. Sometimes viral eye infections can also accompany viral infections such as the common cold or the flu. This is because these viral infections cause watery discharge from the eyes and that can start up an infection in the eye.
  4. Scratches: When the eye is scratched or injured in some way it gives an opening to microorganisms to enter and infect the eye. The scratch or injury can also cause other medical conditions to occur such as temporary blindness. Though the most common consequence of not taking care of the wound is infections since it allows fungi, and viruses a way to enter and contaminate.
  5. Makeup brushes and other cosmetics: Makeup is meant to have long shelf lives but they do become infected after the first use. Pieces of makeup can land in the eyes which can cause irritation and redness. More serious cases can threaten sight or cause permanent damage, all because of using an infected brush or makeup wand. Cross-contamination can occur when two or more people use the same brushes and pass on an infection.
  6. Contact lenses: If not taken care or cleaned properly the risk for eye infection increases. Not cleaning contact lenses properly allows microorganisms to enter the eye and cause an infection. The clear outer covering of the eye which is also known as the cornea is the part that is most commonly infected due to contact lens contamination.
  7. Oil from acne or scalp dandruff: Oil from acne around the eyes or dandruff from the scalp can cause eye infections when it enters the eye. The bacteria from acne oil and scalp dandruff enters the eye and causes inflammation, which is why good hygiene is necessary.

Along with taking care of yourself, keeping an eye on how long you’ve been using your cosmetics for and maintaining proper eye hygiene, you should visit an eye specialist. In order to make sure that you are perfectly healthy and have no eye problems to worry about. To find the best eye specialist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan. you can search on Marham and book an appointment instantly.

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