7 Simple Tips for Newborn Care and Safety

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Going home with a newborn baby is energizing, yet it can be terrifying, as well. Babies have some needs, as successive feedings and diaper changes. Newborns can have medical problems too that are not quite the same as older kids and grown-ups, similar to diaper rash and cradle cap.

If this is your first child you may stress that you are not prepared to deal with an infant. You’re not the only one. Loads of inexperienced parents feel the same when it’s time to bring their new children home. You can find a way to enable yourself to prepare for the safety and care of a newborn baby. Ask your pediatrician about it. You can find and consult with the best pediatrician in Karachi, best pediatrician in Lahorebest pediatrician in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Follow these simple tips that might help you in coping with your newborn:

Safe Environment:

Newborn babies need to be safe. Injuries are the most common cause of death in newborns. Most of the injuries are predictable and can be prevented. Provide a safe environment for your newborn.

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Clean and Hygienic Environment:

Newborns have a weak immune system and are more prone to get infections. It is more important for you to provide a clean and hygienic environment for your baby.


Individuals who have diseases, for instance, colds, influenza or cold sores (herpes simplex), should not interact with your newborn. Cold sores can be especially dangerous to an infant. Vaccinations are accessible to protect your infant against some irresistible infections. Get your baby vaccinated according to the directions of child specialist.

Keep Animals Away from Baby:

If you own a pet, it is most important to keep them away from your newborn. Animals can transmit extremely dangerous germs to your baby. Cat hair often causes asthma in babies.


Breastfeeding is the best way to protect your newborn. Breast milk is safest and healthiest food for your newborn. It fulfills all the nutritious needs of your baby. Beast milk helps keep your baby healthy and makes his immune system even stronger.

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You need to be extra careful and protective while giving a bath to your newborn. It can be fun but make sure you’re holding your baby with a strong grip. Don’t leave your baby in a bathtub even for a second.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is extremely injurious to your newborn. Don’t smoke in the house, even don’t let anyone smoke around your baby.

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