7 Solutions For Depression

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Depression is the feeling of sadness and helplessness. Feeling sad after a bad experience is a typical reaction of grieving. The intense sadness and anxiety are not considered as a standard response to any situation. Social and personal experiences can trigger these responses. According to Prof. Dr. Ahsana Dar of Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular and Drug Research (PCMD) Karachi University (KU), around 34 percent people are affected by depression in Pakistan.

We have listed 7 effective solutions of depression;

1. Workout

After working out, the body releases endorphins, which is a chemical that reacts with the brain receptors and decreases pain. Reduced pain helps in reducing depression and stress. Regular and optimal exercise plays a significant role in reducing anxiety as well. Cardio also helps in regulating blood flow and pumping appropriate oxygen to the brain.

2. Pressure Points (Acupuncture)

It is a traditional Chinese practice, in which tiny needles are delicately pinned on the pressure points of the body. Recently, it is considered to be an effective way to release stress and anxiety. The idea of acupuncture is that the body can be tempered with by releasing pressure manually. Pushing pressure points helps in improving blood flow and moderating the supply of oxygen to the brain, which helps in decreasing stress.

3. Prayer and Meditation

Meditation is focusing one’s mind on achieving peace and calmness at the particular time. It is an ancient practice which was used to achieve the highest level of zen. Zen is a trance or a state of peace and calmness created in your head. It helps in prioritizing one’s thoughts and anxieties in order. Inducing the state of peace increases control over one’s ideas.

4. Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice in which particular set of rituals are followed to manage mood. It stretches the body, mind, and soul to achieve tranquility. It resembles with meditation, but the posing and stretching are an advanced inclusion which stimulates the body and helps in dealing with depression.

5. Sea Food

Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids; they help in curing moderate or mild depression. People in depression have a decreased blood sugar level, but eating fish can assist in recovering the levels. Doctors prescribe fish oil supplements to the depression patients in some cases.

6. Saffron (zaffran)

Due to the risk of side effects and health hazards of antidepressants, the herbal medication is being preferred by the patients. Saffron works as an antidepressant; it helps in balancing the mood by maintaining the serotonin and dopamine levels. It is a herbal remedy for depression, which means there are no side effects.

7. Therapy

Anxiety and depression cannot be solved by homemade remedies in some extreme cases. Instead, it is important to visit a therapist for an extensive check up. Clinical depression is a severe kind of depression which can be very problematic if not diagnosed in time. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an elaborate examination of the patient, which helps to prevent the abnormal responses and anxiety.

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