7 things to keep in mind while running

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Running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. While running, the heart rate increases, calories burn, and breathing rate improves. The physical change during running is critical for the health of a person. The body releases endorphins after running, which makes a person feel good, both physically and mentally. It is important to know the right way to run and gain hundred percent efficiency in burning the calories. Some people run for a long time, but still are unable to get the proper results.

So, we have discussed 7 important techniques to use while running for better results. But, if someone has a prior medical condition then they should consult a doctor;

1. Footing

It is important that how a person uses their feet while running. When a person lands on the feet, they should land on the middle of their feet. Moreover, do not land on the heal, because it will slow down the cardio process and exhaust the muscles quickly.

2. Jump a little

One of the most common mistakes that people do is that they push the ground to move forward, rather than jumping upwards. While pushing the ground a person loses stamina and pace. The inability to run after compromising the stamina decreases and the person loses fewer calories and wastes more time.

3. Keep the strides short

It is very effective to have consistent short strides because it is safer for the knees. Knees are very delicate when it comes to an intensive physical activity, so it is precautionary to protect them. Also, short strides help a person to maintain stamina and run for a long time, which in return give positive results.

4. Core muscles

The primary purpose of running is to involve all the muscles. Core muscles should be the primary focus while running; these muscles include the pushing the lower abs inwards and lifting the torso upwards. This muscle movement helps in achieving effective results in less time.

5. Arm and shoulder positioning

Sometimes people are confused about the positioning of their arms. The main key is to move them front and back and in a parallel motion, and avoid moving them diagonally. The elbow should be fixed at a 90-degree angle. If the arms are moving irregularly, then it will act as an obstacle while running. When a person starts to increase the speed of running, the shoulders start to get tensed. The main idea is to relax the shoulders, this will keep the body relaxed and less stressed.

6. Breathing technique

Breathing is imperative while running because the stamina and duration depend on it. An efficient method of breathing is to inhale for three steps and exhale for two steps. Continue this process of breathing and use both mouth and nose for inhaling and exhaling. This technique will help in maintaining the stamina and a controlled heart rate.

7. Think anything, except running

It is a vital thing to keep in mind because most of the time a person gets tired while thinking about the cardio. It is better to think about anything except running; it will help a person to spend more time while running. It is important to trick the mind because it has a critical part to play in the whole process.

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